Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taking A Breather...

Currently Reading: I'm up to Ch 18 of Love Slave For Two:) Looking forward to seeing how the rest of this story pans out:)

Son K and I are heading up to Lafayette later today. His orientation at Purdue is tomorrow from 8-5pm, and Grandpa's also asked him to mow the yard (Mom and Dad are on vacation in Canada with my sister and her family).

Our planned itinerary looks something like this:
Noon: Leave
1:30: Stop for lunch and see my bff E for an hour.
5pm: Arrive, unload car. K mows lawn, plus neighbor's.
7pm: Off to either Pepe's or Olive Garden for dinner. Maybe even a quick trip to the bookstore???
Afterward: Home to sleep.

7am: Leave house
8am: Orientation, a ride on the Boilermaker Express, and a trip to Follett's to buy some of my books back....
5pm: Back to house to collect suitcases. Dinner at Applebee's in Crawfordsville? Golden Corral in Terre Haute??
Late: Arrive home and fall into bed.

We've been requested NOT to use Grandma's computer. Seems between my blogging and email; the kids' games; Face Book; and other sites visited, someone downloaded a nasty computer virus. And since we don't know who did it, the three of us are 'banned' from using Grandma's PC.

So enjoy yourselves and I'll be back for Flashback Friday:)

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