Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Flashback: Teenage Angst....

I was growing more and more confident in my friendship with D. He'd taken me home from Dairy Queen, or to meet my parents somewhere in town. I'd been to see his band contests.

But our friendship had not gone unnoticed by other girls in my grade. One girl in particular started making snide remarks whenever I was within earshot. Fortunately, C and K stuck by me, as did R at school. They told me she was jealous, and not to worry about anything she said.

But even my own family was getting tired of hearing his name come out of my mouth, and when the fall dance at school approached, R and I decided to go. A kid I worked with in the library had taken a liking to me, and since I'd known him ever since the third grade, I neither encouraged nor discouraged his attention. We did have to work together, after all! At the dance, he was there and tried to get me to dance with him. But I was shy about dancing in public, and so R and I mostly watched the others.

The following Sunday, I got a thrill. Our Youth Pastor told us to hug at least five people before we left. I hugged C and K, and then turned around. D swooped on me and pulled me close! I don't even remember who I hugged after that; I do remember my friend S (also a senior, and whom I'd met when in the 5th grade) hugging me and then playfully staggering around when I accidentally stabbed him with a pencil! I had stars in my eyes....until I caught a glimpse of 'jealous girl's' face. If looks could kill....

I still don't know if he ever heard her comments and that was his way of getting back at her, or if it was strictly coincidence. I'd like to believe the former!

Next month: Closing the age gap.

I'm off to a conference today:) Tomorrow I'll be at the Davies County Vendor Blender and excited because I'll finally get to meet fellow author Carol Preflatish! I 'met' her online three years ago, and own her Masters and Disasters of Cooking. I've even tried some of the recipes she posts on her food blog, Carol's Food Bites. And I confess I have yet to read her romantic suspense novel, Love, Lies, and Deceit. I do want to read a wip she had posted concerning love in a kitchen; I don't remember the working title; I just know I didn't want to steal it when I wrote 'Appetite for Desire'.

I'm almost ready to emerge from my 'cave'; edits are finished on Chapters 1-6, and I should get the two remaining ones finished this weekend. Hopefully LIFE should be better next week, and I'll be a better blogger!

Have a great weekend:)


Linda Kage said...

Hey! You need to make your flashbacks longer. I need to hear more about 1980 and D!! Sigh. I guess I'll just wait until the next flashback. Have a good weekend.

Carol Preflatish said...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow, Molly. It's going to be a busy and you're the first on my To Do List.