Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Flashback: An Unexpected Thanksgiving

Yes, I know I'm late with this post. Blame the weather and my youngling, who very generously gave me his cold!

Today, there is a big announcement over at the RBRU blog; go over and see Kenzie's news:)

My boss at the country club had her nose out of joint since I had taken two weekends off instead of one. I called in two Fridays in a row, as was my custom, in order to get my schedule. I was not scheduled, so I enjoyed FOUR weekends off, including Thanksgiving, which really had me puzzled; usually NO one was scheduled off for that day! So, I enjoyed a rare day with my family. And when I called in the next day, I got my other boss, who was happy to hear my voice.

"Molly! I thought you'd quit!"

"Apparently N's mad at me and didn't schedule me..."

"OMG! N was fired last week! Get your butt in here Sunday morning!"

I hung up the phone and went to read my mail. An old friend had written me, wondering how things were going. He'd moved to Indianapolis, and included his phone number. Since I knew this would be my last free Friday night for the next month, I called him. And made arrangements for my friend BJ and I to go see him and cage a free meal.

I had spoken to his roommate, who was an ex-boyfriend of mine, and we agreed to surprise him. BJ and I drove down; my friend was so happy to see me, he kept trying to get me to stay longer. But BJ had to be at work early, and I'd left my apartment a mess, so I encouraged him to come up and take me out for pizza.

He showed up the next day, and we had a wonderful afternoon. The Idiot showed up and expressed his displeasure at seeing a strange man with me.

"We're just friends; I've not seen him in several years (actually, I'd seen him about 5 months earlier, after I'd moved The Idiot out of my apartment.) and he treated me to lunch."

"I don't care; I don't like it." And he proceeded to sit in the corner and glower at us as we chatted about other people I'd not seen in two years.

Finally, The Idiot had had enough, and called me to the hallway.

"I'm going down to the store for a Coke. When I get back, I want him gone. Or I will personally throw him out."

The first thing which flashed through MY mind was 'I'd like to see you try...'(My friend was 6'5" and weighed over 200 lbs. Idiot was barely 5'10" and 180 lbs!) But I smiled and agreed....and then went to the window to watch him walk away.

I then turned to my friend and asked, "Is that offer to sleep on your couch still available? I can't take anymore of his crap."

He agreed; I quickly threw my uniform in a bag and locked the apartment. I directed him to take the normal way out of town; I took the back way. We met 30 minutes later to put gas in my car, and then I followed him to his apartment.

For those of you who know my story, that friend was D, my SU. This coming Thanksgiving weekend will be the 20th anniversary of my finding my backbone and the courage to take the first steps toward getting out of that abusive relationship with The Idiot.

Next month: Cutting the last ties.

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