Wednesday, October 19, 2011

5 Days!

Can you believe this was the original cover back in 2002?  I've come a long way since that rush to be published!  Granted, it was a learning experience.  I learned people liked what I wrote, and that if I smiled and greeted strangers, sometimes they smiled back, and even acted interested in what I had to say.  I also learned to fake self-confidence and lo and behold!  I think I'm finally comfortable with being ME.  And of course, remind me of this should I ever venture to RomantiCon or any other convention by myself....

It's also my day to blog over at RBRU.  Plus, there's another excerpt over there:)

 How to play:
-Read each excerpt.
-Answer each question about the previous day's excerpt.  Gather the answers and send them to next Monday the 24th and I'll pick a winner:)

Excerpt #3:

"Oh, 'scuse me." He took a drink from his cup of beer. "Y'know, you're awfully pretty, lady. How'd you like a beer?"

       Elicia looked at the short man, whose greasy hair fell past his shoulders. "No thanks, you're drunk."
       He pulled himself up straight. "Am not. I'm jus' getting started. Wha's your name?"

Instead of answering, Elicia moved past the group to the other side of the flames and joined another group, this time discussing the campus policy on coed dorms. She had voiced her opinion when she was jostled again by the same guy.

"Hey, pretty lady, I'm Ron. Wha's your name again?"

"I'm not telling you my name. You're drunk." Elicia sniffed and turned her back on him.

"Now tha's not very nice. I jus' wanna know, can I get you a beer?"

"No thanks." Elicia excused herself and moved on.

The third group of people she joined were gossiping about a couple's sexual activities, and when she saw Ron approach, she headed for Eric's side and slipped her arm through his.

Eric looked surprised. Elicia whispered, “I can't get rid of this guy over there...please, just play along?"

"Sure, whatever." He slid his arm around her waist. "Which guy?"

Out of the corner of her eye, Elicia saw Ron's obvious disappointment as he came closer.

"Oh, hey, man. Didn't realize she was your woman. Pretty lady you've got. All I was trying to do was get her a beer."

Question #2:  Where does Wayne take Gretchen for breakfast?


Linda Kage said...

I know a Ron. He's annoying when drunk too! LOL.

Got my answers for 1 and 2. Almost half way there.

Molly Daniels said...

This actually happened to me:) It was too funny NOT to put in the book!