Thursday, October 13, 2011

This Season's TV Viewing

Some seasons I add new shows to my viewing habits; other times I stick with my faves.  This year I've only added one, though one of my shows has been moved to a new night and it's both frustrating, yet nice.  Why?  See below:

CBS Sunday Morning (always DVR'd and sometimes watched later in the week)

60 Minutes (if there's a particular story which catches my attention.)

Amazing Race (I wanted to see how Ethan and Jenna from Survivor would do; sadly, they were eliminated the second episode...bummer!  Haven't figured out who I'm rooting for yet....)

The Good Wife (what was wrong with leaving it on Tuesdays?)
This night has its advantages; since football usually runs over, this is the one night of the week I exercise my right to sit in front of the telly and watch my shows.  We have two TVs and two DVR's, split between four people.  Mine all end up on the DVR, but thanks to whoever moved Good Wife, my Sunday shows get pushed back.  So I feel no guilt at sitting in the living room one night a week while the spouse does bedtime duty with the youngling.

Two Broke Girls (DVR'd)

Two and a Half Men (DVR'd)

Mike and Molly (DVR'd)
I've not watched all of TBG or M&M, but they are saved on the DVR because the spouse loves the show.  And TBG I missed a couple of episodes, but there's always reruns later in the year.

90210 (DVR'd)  Sometimes I'll watch this when I get home from Writer's Guild; other times I'll watch it later in the week.  Like when I'm taking a break from writing/edits or spouse wants to use my laptop.  I also think this one is about to run its course; Dixon's following in David (original 90210)'s footsteps, only with ADHD meds instead of meth.  When they start recycling storylines, isn't that a sure bet it's time to move on?

One Tree Hill (supposed to air as mid-season replacement?) I whole-heartedly HOPE this is the final season of OTH.  Last season was rather painful to watch, so I hope the producers call it quits.

Survivor (DVR'd) I WILL watch this one if youngling doesn't have football practice and dinner is on time.  But mostly I end up watching it later.  Like last night; settled down at 11pm.

Law and Order:  SVU (DVR'd)  Sometimes this recording gets stopped, since the SU likes Criminal Minds at the same time.  Depending on which DVR records it, either the youngling stops it before he's sent to the tub or the spouse stops it if it's on 'his' television.

Big Bang Theory (DVR'd)  I began watching this show about two or three years ago, and sometimes I'll catch reruns on TBS from prior seasons.  I love Raj's antics and Sheldon's idiosyncrasies!


Nothing, unless there's a movie I want to see, or an unwatched L&O:  SVU (see Wednesday).

I'm sorry Eureka is coming to an end after a Christmas episode later, and I still need to watch this summer's Warehouse 13.  I only saw the season finale.  Also on the DVR:  Deadliest Catch (I'm nearly finished with Opilio season); a few Waltons episodes; one Dr Quinn Medicine Woman; last year's Undercover Boss; and yes, even the Royal Wedding.  (The family laughs at me for still having it on there; I'll get to it!)

Any shows on your 'don't miss' schedule, or do you DVR them for a later date?


Suzanne Johnson said...

LOL-fun topic. I'm always curious to see what writers watch, and if they're really spending all their time on the History Channel. I DVR everything and rarely watch anything live. Since I work full-time and have to write at night, I limit my TV time to two hours per day. On my "Must DVR" list, a geek-worthy list: The Amazing Race, Ice Road Truckers, Survivor, Swamp People (in season), Chopped, and Restaurant Impossible. Well, okay, and General Hospital.

Molly Daniels said...

I used to watch IRT, but fell out of the every episode habit. Now I'll catch it if the spouse is watching it, but I'm not addicted anymore. And I forgot to mention; some Saturdays I'll DVR Food Network Challenge and Iron Chef. LOVE watching the cake challenges!

Amber Skyze said...

Let's see - Chopped, Cupcake Wars, Survivor, Person of Interest, Terra Nova, Hawaii 5-0, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness, A Gifted Man. I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of right now. :)

Carol Preflatish said...

You're assuming everyone has a DVR. I don't own one. If I can't be home to watch a show, I just have to miss it.