Friday, October 21, 2011

Flashback Friday and Final Trivia Question:)

How to play:
-Read each excerpt.
-Answer each question about the previous day's excerpt.  Gather the answers and send them to next Monday the 24th and I'll pick a winner:)

Final Question:  Where does Eric take Elicia after the Spring Formal?

Oct 1991:
Being two months from delivery, and in an apartment where trick-or-treating was not allowed, I was pleasantly surprised when my upstairs neighbor introduced me to the concept of 'reverse trick-or-treating'.
E handed me a baggie filled with bite sized candy and a gift bag.
"Happy Halloween:)  I'm not asking you for candy; I'm giving it to you.  The other is a pre-Mommy gift for you."
I think this was also the month we had the boys (Rosey, Tag, and Tiger) neutered!  The vet only charged us for two, since we took them in at the same time.  Gizmo seemed bewildered to be the only cat in the house for a few hours!


Linda Kage said...

Got my answers gathered. Do we wait until Monday to send them, or can we send them today?

I'd be happy to be female if I was Gizmo!!

Amber Skyze said...

I'd be happy if I were Gizmo too! :)

Molly Daniels said...

LOL:) It was amazing how 'quiet' the house was with only one kitty, and the previous month, when Giz was away overnight, how much we missed having her around.

Linda, today is fine:) Just trying to give everyone a chance to win; I'll pick a winner Tuesday morning.