Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Mania

Had a tragedy occur over the weekend; my son K received the heartbreaking news one of his good friends was in the hospital and pronounced brain-dead.  The SU and daughter S (who'd known her too) left late Thursday night and drove to Purdue to be with him and drive him to Indianapolis on Friday to say goodbye before they unhooked the life support.  An autopsy is scheduled, since everyone wants to know WHY this happened.  Here's the timeline of events leading up to it:

9/26 Mon:  B complained of toothache and went to dentist.  Verdict:  Infection in gums; given antibiotics.

9/27 Tues:  B can hardly stand up; taken to local hospital, who then transferred her to our hospital.  Kidneys were beginning to fail, so they set her up on dialysis.

9/28 Wed:  Life-lined to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.  Given an MRI; told her brain has swelled, then collapsed into the brain stem.

9/29 Thurs:  9pm:  Total renal failure.  10pm:  No brain activity.

9/30 Fri:  Taken off life support around noon.  Friends and family in total shock.

K will be home for the funeral sometime this week.  Keep B's family in your prayers?  Her sisters are 17 and 10; B was only 20.  No parent should ever outlive their children.

In other Manic Monday news:
I finished the 1st round of 'Rocks' edits and sent them back.  Now I'm back to editing Kenzie's Teacher's Pet again (I'm up to Ch 7).

The festival on Sat was a BUST!  I was told it was indoors; it was not.  The wind was horrible, so after 5 hours I called it quits and came home.  The two bright spots were 1) I was able to inform a past customer book #3 is due to be released in January and 2) I met another author who's written a Christian Inspy trilogy and was wondering what to do with it.  I plan to pass his name along to two authors who might be able to help him out.  Also, I'm breaking in a new 'assistant' at Office Max, and my order was so messed up Friday night, the manager gave me the promo materials for free.  Maybe they need to hire me?

Last Sunday I answered a call for help.  My friend J in Bicknell is disabled and has home health care workers two or three times a week in her home.  The last one had not done anything, but gripe about how bad HER life was, so they fired her.  The laundry had piled up, so I went over and spent Sunday and last Tuesday organizing her laundry room and folding clothes.  When I left on Tues, there were only 5 loads of sheets, blankets, and odds and ends left.  Yesterday, I returned and finished the last two loads, plus did a catch-up load.  And then her granddaughter (age 3) wet the bed....and we discovered an entire laundry basket full of dirty clothes and sheets (plus the mates to all the socks I hadn't matched up, lol!).  I'm heading back this afternoon to finish up, and the new health care worker can take over from there or I'll go back every Sunday to help out.  I get to visit with my friends and edit to my heart's content:)

Currently Reading:  Catching up with more Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and am now reading Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men.  I also just finished Cindy S Pape's Motor City Wolf and LOVED it!  Now I want to get the other two books, MC Fae and MC Witch:)  Excellent job Cindy!!!!!!!  Next up:  Sharon Hamilton's The Stimulus Package:)


Amber Skyze said...

How horrible. I will keep the family in my prayers.

Molly Daniels said...

It really shows how fragile life really is! I don't know how long she'd been suffering with the toothache, but it's a reminder NOT to neglect your health.

anny cook said...

I TOLD you you would love Cindy's book.

How very sad for that young woman's family...

barbara huffert said...

What an awful thing. I'm so sorry to hear this. Hugs to K.