Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finally A Break....Or Not?

Finished edits for Teacher's Pet (Kenzie's story which has been coming...and coming....and coming.....) and sent it back to editor yesterday!!  I had a few questions inserted, so hopefully the next round of edits won't be so time-consuming.

Daughter is STILL sick with acid reflux....and our new insurance says not to go to ER unless contacting the doctor first.  Well, there's a problem.
-We just got her insurance last week.  Called the doctor assigned to us yesterday; they say they're full.  Contacted insurance again.  There are NO available doctors in our ENTIRE COUNTY for this (POS??) insurance.  Found one 30-40 mins away who will take my kids.  Bad news:  Can't get her in until next week.

-Yesterday, she seemed to be doing better, so thought she could return to school today.  Nope; she had a miserable night.  Tummy only settles down when she doesn't eat anything.  Liquids don't bother her.

-So this morning, since the new doc is an hour BEHIND us (thank you screwed- up- Indiana- are-we-on-Daylight-Savings-Time-or-not-issue-that-EVERYONE-hates-and-we-don't-know-what-time-it-is-in-Indiana-anymore-did-you-see-that-episode-of-The-West-Wing-where-they-poked-fun-at-it???), I called the 24-hour Nurse line.

-It was a waste of time, in my humble opinion.   All she did was ask questions concerning my daughter's health/pain and tell us to call the doctor and see if we can get her in today.  Hmmmm.....okay.  I'll wait an hour and do that.  Or, I can call the doctor's office and MAYBE they'll have an 'after hours' service???

-No, they don't.  I left a message.  Daughter went back to bed.

-I remember we're still on Charity at the local hospital.  I can go ahead and take her to the ER, and if insurance refuses to pay for it, I can contact Financial Aid and give them our case #.  And this time, the insurance can pay for her medicine.

I'm sorry; I have tried to go through the proper channels in order to treat my child.  Why is it a few people who don't care about their health can f*** it up for those of us who DO?

Back To The Store....
You'd think that with a list, I'd get everything I needed from the store.  Nooooooo.....I forgot to put dog food on that list.  Plus, I entered from the wrong side and neglected to go the Health and Beauty aisle.  I'm starting to stock up on cold meds, plus my spouse is out of his daily dose of baby aspirin.  So back we go....oh, and yes.  I bought the wrong size jeans for my (growing, it seems!) youngling.  The only pair which fit him is a size 8; okay, I bought him three more pairs.  Surprise.....they're too tight!  I guess I'll get him some size 10's!  Shoes, socks, and underwear fit just fine.

I also found two items at Cato I like, and they're both on sale.  Hopefully I can get them today and wear one to karaoke tonight and the other to my signing this weekend (or not; I have another outfit planned).

So instead of working on Forbidden Love edits, I'm headed first to the ER with the daughter and then back to the store!  See you later.

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B.C. Brown said...

Ugh. I will try to make this all better tonight with a rousing dose of karaoke. I promise. :)