Thursday, August 16, 2012

5 Stars!!!

I happened to be checking my sales sites when I stumbled across this reader review:

 "Love the Author she writes some awesome stuff. makes ya feel like it is real." 

Thank you Heartbreaker2013:)

Back To School Time!
Where did the summer go?  

Admittedly, I spent the first three weeks of June still riding the tidal wave of promotion, plus the arrival of granddaughter Alexandria, then underwent a tooth extraction which laid me low for ten days.

July brought my SIL's wedding, plus the arrival of Miss Drama Queen and her brother Mr. Energy, and taking them to the pool and mini-golf.  Then I spent two weeks with my mother, first in the hospital, then at home.

August is half over, and already my kids are back in school.  This is a bittersweet year for us, and full of change.  The College Kid is spending this semester at home, taking Gen Studies at the local junior college, then hoping to transfer back to Purdue in January.  Daughter is a senior, and will probably be finished with her online classes in a few weeks.  Then I'm not sure what her plans are.  Youngling is repeating the 2nd grade, and working on his reading, social, and Math skills.

Looking Ahead
I signed and sent in the contract for book #5, Endless Love, which tells Caitlyn and Bryan's story.  As of now, projected release is February 2012, but I'm hoping it will be bumped up to October or November, which is when Caty picks up the next chapter.  She's spent the past four books on the sidelines, secure in her relationship with Bryan and watching her friends deal with various issues.  Now it's her turn to have everything she believed in turned upside down.  What's your reaction when the foundation of your world is shaken?  Cling to the faith everything will work out, or dare to change your dream?

I'll be filling out my cover request form soon:)

I'm also nearly finished with the self-edits on book #6, Searching For Love.

And still patiently waiting for final edits on Kenzie's Class Reunion!

And yes, I need to actually write again....

Hitting The Promotion Trail
This weekend, I'm returning to the community where we spent nine years.  When I left, I had one self-pubbed book; now I have 8, plus two pending:)

At the end of the month, I'm setting up at a Wine and Art Festival, in a community where they don't know me.  Likewise, the following day, I'll be venturing into Illinois, to a town I've never been.  I'm hoping my new marketing tool, the book 50 Shades of Gray, will encourage people to at least check out my display and ask questions.

And then it will be off to one of my personal favorite festivals, where I've done well in the past.  Hoping for good weather all around!

I'll report back next week:)


Amber Skyze said...

You've had a busy summer!

Molly Daniels said...

Looking forward to some 'down time'...whenever that comes, lol!