Friday, August 31, 2012

Flashback Friday: Perils Of Raising A Football Player

Aug 2002:
My oldest was back in full swing on the football field and having the time of his life.  Only one thing bothered me; we'd bought him protective arm pads, but he refused to wear them.  Instead, he was proud of his 'battle scars', angry purple bruises which marched down his biceps and forearms.

School began, so I insisted he not change out of his football gear when we went to Meet The Teacher Night.

"Why, Mom?  I'm all sweaty!

"I want your teacher to understand I don't beat you on a regular basis; you've done this to yourself!"

(Huge sigh and eye roll):  "Oh Mooo-oom!"

Fortunately, his new 5th grade teacher understood, so no problems there:)  But when he tried out for band, I had to roll MY eyes!

"We have access to a perfectly good slide trombone and snare drum, and you choose the Baritone?"

"I like it!  And Mr (can't remember band teacher's name) needs tuba and baritone players!"

So we shelled out the money and my kid was soon wowing us with the theme from Chili's:  "Chili's Baby Back Ribs....BBQ Sauce.." all from ear.  I was secretly pleased; maybe one of my kids was showing an aptitude for music?

Present Day:
I think Tropical Depression (formerly Hurricane) Isaac is going to wreck my weekend plans.  I'm supposed to set up at the Daviess' Co Wine and Art Festival tonight in Washington, only rain is due between 5 and 6pm.  And rain all weekend, so probably will not set up at the Palestine Street Fair tomorrow either.  There's $45 in booth fees down the drain.  The spouse is not pleased.

And I still need transportation (meaning, spouse get new tire on car and fix brakes!) and a place to stay (spouse give me $$ for motel room or I need to call friend J in M'ville) for next week's three day fest in Monrovia.  I can't stay with R this year, like I did in '08; it wouldn't be appropriate, plus it's too far away.

Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day...
Or at least hold off until AFTER my events are finished????

Have a great day, stay dry, and enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


Fran Lee said...

Mine tried the cello...that was fun.

Molly Daniels said...

Our school system was too small for an orchestra, which was too bad...or maybe niece played the violin when she was in jr high, and that was painful enough on the ears!