Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Schedule and Ch 3 Issues

We are three weeks into the new school year and have settled into a new routine:
6:30am- I attempt to get up.  Depending on if the dog is standing beside my bed with her legs crossed, I'll either hit the snooze or get up.  Since Roxie has fallen into the habit of nearly giving me a concussion with her head and front legs, it's in my best interests to get out of bed asap!

I'll put the dogs out; start the coffee; check FB and emails.

7am:  Coffee's done; I'm usually still on FB.

7:30:  Time to get the youngling up, dressed, and breakfast made.

8am:  He and the spouse leave for school.  I eat breakfast, drink coffee, and post blog.  Then it's get dressed, make bed, and do QT.  I'll also fire up the wip and work on it.  Figure out what I'm fixing for dinner and get anything I need from the freezer.

Noon:  Daughter leaves for school; time to take care of the granddaughter.  If she's taking her nap, I work.  If she's in 'Mommy Mode', I feed her, hold her, rock her, and watch 'Criminal Minds' or something on the DVR.

3pm:  Kids home from school; time to check in with emails and FB again.  Then get the youngling started on his educational computer games and check the contents of his back pack.

4pm:  Time to read or relax with one of my DVR'd shows.  Or nap....

6pm:  Start dinner.

10pm:  Check emails and FB one more time, then bed.

New abbreviation:  Book Which Shall Not Be Named (BWSNBN).  I'll be using this frequently for the next several weeks.  Thank you for yesterday's comments and feel free to check back:)

BWSNBN Update:
I've reached Ch 4, so here's everything which drove me crazy in #3:

Pg 33:  I've already discussed the 'bitterness' in the K's voice.  I think she would be jealous, not bitter.

Pg 34:  'Capiche'?  Has she never thought to look up the correct spelling?  I used this word in Book #4; it is spelled 'capisce'.  And I just verified it with the translator part of  I typed it in both ways; it recognized the correct way, not how it is in the BWSNBN.  Do some research when using language other than English!

And in the next paragraph, there is 'sorted'.  Sorted what?  I think 'There, that's taken care of' would fit better.

Pg 35:  Now K is 'muttering'.  Okay; I can sort of see this.  But I think a sigh or an eye roll would be better.

Three issues with pg 36:
      a)  There's an unnecessary line.
      b)  'Terribly young'?  How can someone be this?  I think she means awfully young, or really young.
      c)  When your BFF is in charge, why think her instructions are 'domineering'?  YOU don't know how to set up the photo shoot, so let the EXPERT do it!  GEEZ!  Get over yourself!

Pg 37:  She's muttering again.  Why?  You don't mutter when you make introductions!

Pg 38:  She goes out into the hallway; waits while he instructs one of his 'people'; he turns to her with 'burning eyes', and she wonders if she's done something wrong?  First of all, I'd have grabbed a fire extringuisher....oh, you mean his eyes are burning with passion?  Or anger?  Desire?  Secondly, he's the one who asked you to step out.  So unless he's going to blast you for your unprofessional 'muttering', you have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!

And when he asked you out, why are you apologetic about the transportation issue?  Again, are you twelve?

Pgs 39-40:  I'm taking issue with all the 'flushing'.  First she flushes.  I'm assuming she means she feels her cheeks heat up.  Then she turns beet red (I'm assuming, of course, she can see herself in the mirror?)  Then she feels her cheeks turn pink.  Hello.....unless you have some sort of 'quick cooling system', you cannot go from beet red to normal to pink in the span of a few seconds.  Or at least I don't.

Pg 41:  Now HE'S picked up the 'muttering'.  What IS it with these people they can't speak normally to each other?

Pgs 42-43:  Again, she's going 'crimson' and 'scarlet'.  Where the hell is the mirror?  And why does she 'whisper' when she mentions the other males are just good friends?  This makes no sense.

Pg 44:  More 'blush' and 'murmur'.  Plus, she acknowledges he's a control freak, yay!  So does she come to her senses?  Obviously not.....

Pg 46:  Why sigh about your step-father's choice of occupation?  Makes no sense.

End of chapter.  I put down the book, my highlighter, and pen, and finished Holiday Hearts.  Then picked up my Kindle and finished Jean Joachim's The Date List.  Now I'm on Hello Kitty Must Die by Angela S. Choi.

Currently Reading:  As stated above, I LOVED Holiday Hearts!  I also loved The Date List, though I question whether anyone would really stand up to their future MIL that way....but hey, it suited the story.  And Hello Kitty is hilarious!  I had to force myself to put it down so I could get some sleep, and was literally rolling around in laughter by the end of page 3!  So all three of these books are Recommended Reads!


Carol Preflatish said...

I'm going to try and read the book, just because of what others have said. I bought it for my mom for her birthday because she wanted it. My main question is, where was the lady's editor? How could an editor for that publisher let all that crap go through?

Carol Preflatish said...
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Terri Talley Venters said...

Wow, you keep a busy schedule, Molly. I can finally write more now that my sons are back in school. I must take advantage of the peace and quiet while I have it=). Hello kitty sounds hysterical, I'll have to read it!

Janice Seagraves said...

I remember those days and they weren't that long ago.

I used to wake my daughter up at 6:30, but she's a girl who couldn't make up her mind what she wanted to wear.

Now that she's in college, she wakes herself up at 5:30 to get herself to school by 7:30.

Now that daughter is back in collage, I need to get into a better writing schedule.


Molly Daniels said...

@Carol: That's what I'd like to know:) Maybe she had the editor who did my 2nd Kenzie book? (I know; that was snarky....)

Molly Daniels said...

@Terri: I LOVED it when everyone was out of the house and I could write all day! But that was before the social media craze. And before I was published, lol!

I'd DEFINITELY get Hello Kitty Must Die:)

@Janice: My oldest son used to be the early bird, but he's now in his 3rd year of college and prefers to party all night. The daughter has always been a night owl, and the youngling will sleep until 10 if not woken up, no matter what time he goes to bed. I'm fortunate we only live 5 blocks from school, as it takes me 45 mins to get him moving in the morning. And hopefully, now that I'm getting up on time, he's getting used to waking up, taking his meds, eating b-fast, then getting dressed for school.

Carrie said...

Just read your comment about your youngling, lol! That's so me! I always do say I never would have got through grade/high school without my mother!

If she wasn't persistent in waking me up everyday, I don't think I'd have gotten up. Though, my time seems to be noon. It gets kind of annoying when you're trying to get stuff done, lol! :)