Monday, August 27, 2012

Fingers Crossed!!!

I'm one word away from sending in my cover sheet for Endless Love:)  I've agonized over this blurb for whatever reason.  Add Peter to it or leave him out?  I decided to add him in.  So I'll be sending it off by the end of the day and will hopefully have some cover art loveliness to show off in a week or so:)

I still need to to completely spell-check Searching For Love before I send it on its way.

And while I was gone for two weeks, the spouse and daughter scrubbed down the kitchen walls, leaving one tiny corner for me to do.  It's been a week; I guess I'd better pull out the shelves which hold the pans and get to cleaning.  Don't you love it when family members leave a section for you 'just to see how long it takes you to do it'?  NOT!  Don't know why the spouse can't take it upon himself to do some household chores; all he does is sit around and watch TV or gripe at me when I work....

I've heard from a few people who had the same issues I had with Yahoo; seems they are able to post to the loop again.  So maybe I should try?  Wish me luck!

Currently Reading:
Finished Tails Of Love and When Darkness Falls (sample chapter book also picked up at RT).  I began reading 50 SOG, but then switched to Holiday Hearts by Cindy Spencer Pape.  I'm already on the 2nd story and LOVE this!  Of course by now you realize anything I read by Cindy is a Definite Recommended Read, correct?  LOL:)

E-book wise, I'm still reading Jean Joachim's The Dating List.  So far, very enjoyable!

Now for a tiny rant toward Big Brother:
Ian should have gone with his gut and back-doored Frank!  Hopefully Dan will leave this week and the QP can get Frank out of there!  I applaud Brittany for standing up for Ian when Frank blasted him for putting him up.  "Don't yell at him; yell at me for pressuring him into doing it."  She was able to calm him down and get the target off of Ian:)

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