Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shakeup in the BB House!

SPOILER ALERT!!!  If you're a fan of Big Brother and did NOT see last night's episode, DO NOT READ!

Okay....everybody clear I'm about to reveal what went down last night?  This is your last chance to bail if you don't want to know.....

Frank put up Dan and Danielle.  No surprise there; Frank's been wanting Dan out of the house since week #3 or so.

POV Challenge:
Frank had it sewn up, or so it seemed, until the final question.  Brittany buzzed in, but wasn't sure.  While she was trying to figure it out, Frank apparently whispered, 'Summer'.  BONK!  Clearly against the rules to say the answer out loud, Frank was ousted from the game.  That left Dan in the lead.  Brittany missed on her next chance, and  Jen answered it correctly, putting HER in the lead and winning the Power Of Veto.  She resolved to do everything in her power to keep the nominations the same, and it would be bye-bye Dan tomorrow.

An Evil Scheme Is Hatched.
During the POV challenge, Dan received a 24 hour solitary confinement penalty.  He used the time to come up with a daring plan to save himself.

Upon being released, he dressed in black and called a house meeting.  He then welcomed everyone to 'Dan's BB Funeral', and did something rather cruel:  He complimented everyone, but all of a sudden turned on Danielle and blasted her for something apparently seen off-camera, and finished with 'You're dead to me.'  WTH???  He was her COACH at the beginning of this season, and her loyal CHAMPION!  He left the room, and everyone gathered around Danielle, who was open-mouthed in shock.

He and Frank went upstairs 'so he could apologize in private', but then revealed the 'master plan':  He spilled the beans on Ian's alliances and the 'power alliance' of Brit, Dani, Ian, Shane, and himself, then offered to align himself with Frank, Jen, and Joe, to turn the tables on the house.  And said he could even bring Dani over.  Frank agreed, and then Dan went downstairs to console Dani.

When he revealed his reasons, Dani hit him with a pillow, then listened in amazement to his plan.

And at the Veto Ceremony, Ian, having no knowledge of what was going down, refused to use his Veto.  And stood by in amazement as Jen took Dan off the block.  Frank promptly nominated Brittany.

So tonight, the votes look like this:
Dan:  Brit
Jen:  Brit
Joe:  Brit
Ian:  ??
Shane:  Most likely Brit, since he and Dani have been flirting

No Critique of BWSNBN:
I was too tired last night and only read the first three pages of Ch. 4.  And finally, a 'murmur' used correctly!!!  Honest emotions expressed.  But that's only the beginning of Ch 4, so I'd say she reconsiders.  Bleh.

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