Friday, August 17, 2012

Flashback Friday: Why I Need To Go Back And Slap Myself Silly....

Aug 1982:
Story thus far:  K and I had broken up for the 3rd time in six months, and I spent nearly my entire summer trying to win him back.  After the World's Fair trip, I was flying high; K and I had been enjoying each other's company, and I was pretty sure we would be back together soon.  I went off to Florida with my family for a 3 week vacation where I spent the majority of my time writing in my journal recounting every blissful moment of that four day trip.  And examining every aspect of what 'could' happen.  But one thing I hadn't counted on....

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind...
The Monday after returning from Florida, I arrived at our early morning Band Practice and found my friends J and RR chatting with K.  I joined them, and listened to K's account of how he acquired his new car.  I made a joke about being driven home; he then stated I wouldn't get to ride in it, since his new girlfriend wouldn't like it.

I froze; put a smile on my face, turned to J.

"Remember me telling you about Randy at the pool?  Grandma called yesterday and said he misses me."  I then stood up, went inside, and locked myself in a bathroom stall.

J followed me.  "I'm so sorry; I didn't get a chance to tell you about Cherie.  He told me before you arrived he was head over heels for her."

I cried, then composed myself.  "At least I still have D, and RJ and I are still on good terms."  By this time, more band members had arrived.  I agreed to catch up with J and RR for the lunch break.

By the evening practice, the news I'd been jilted again had spread.  RJ told me K had shown him Cherie's picture, and that "You're way prettier than she is; I don't know what his problem is."

The next day, RJ informed me, "She's putting out for him.  That's what the attraction is."

Ah yes....I fully intended to only sleep with the man who married me, so there you have it.  My chances of getting K back looked bleak.

Wednesday, RJ reported, "There's trouble in paradise; they had a fight.  Talk to him tonight."

So I turned on the charm every time I saw him, and he asked me if I'd go for a walk with him after practice.  And of course I said yes.

He told me he'd broken up with Cherie.  And then complained I wouldn't go to 2nd base with him.  I stuck to my guns.  "I'm not doing that until my wedding night."

So he shook his head and threw down the gauntlet.  "I'll only get back together with you if you'll go to 2nd or  All The Way."

"Absolutely not."

"Tell ya what; this will be our signal:  If you want to be with me, wear shorts tomorrow.  If the answer's no, wear sweat pants."  And he walked away.

What followed is a cross between a comedy of errors and playing with fire.  Thursday was one of those hot, sticky, muggy, 100+ degree days.  And my mother (not having any knowledge of said signal) insisted I take off my sweatpants.  "You are not leaving this house until you put on some shorts.  You're going to be practicing down in The Pit (what we called the little grotto where we held full band practice), and there's little air flow down there.  I'm taking two coolers full of ice and water, and don't want to have to run you to the hospital for heat stroke.  Now do as I say."

Can't argue with my mom, and I'll admit, I did start fanning myself the minute I stepped outside.  So I stripped off my yellow sweats and prayed I'd make into the bathroom before running into K.

No such luck.  He was exiting the building as I was going in.

His eyes grew wide.  "Shorts!"

"Yes, but-"  Too late; he'd already taken off down the sidewalk.

I grabbed J.  "Tell K Mom made me take the sweats off and I'm putting them back on."

"What for?"

"I'll explain later.  Just tell him, please?"

I was a bundle of nervous energy all through practice.  Would J give him the message?  Would he abide by it?  And what the hell was going to happen after practice?

I got my answer.  K and I went to the park, where he tried every dirty trick in the book to get my clothes off.  He'd succeeded in unfastening my bra when a woman stopped her car and yelled at us for being there after dark.  I used that diversion to get away, and found out Mom was indeed looking for me.  I climbed into the car, ready to put the whole nasty episode behind me.

And then Mom proceeded to yell at me for being in the park after dark.  "You could get raped!"

I was too afraid to tell her it almost happened; I didn't want to get K or even myself into more trouble.  So I just put on my 'Good Girl' attitude and waited until I got home to absorb what had nearly happened.

And then, of course, on Friday, wondered if we were still going together, or if what had transpired constituted a break up?  But I was careful to only see K when we were in a group; I did not want to be alone with him.

Next month:  Strange Turn of Events

Present Day:
We are getting ready to head to the old neighborhood's Fish Fry:)  When I left six years ago, I only had one self-pubbed book out.  Now I have 2 publishers and 8 books out, plus two more pending.  We also want to show off the granddaughter:)  I'll let you know how the promo efforts are going.


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Have fun!

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Thanks Amber:) Have a great time in Florida!!