Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Paloma!!!

(Sound of clapping hands)
"Happy happy happy biiiiirrrrrrrrthdaaaay
Happy happy happy biiiiiirrrrrrthdaaaaay
Happy happy happy biiiiiiirrrrrrrthdaaaay
To you, to you, to you

Introducing the singers:
Amy, heroine of Love Finds A Way
Keri, heroine of Forbidden Love
Gretchen, heroine of Balancing Act
Caitlyn, heroine of Endless Love (coming in Feb 2013)

K:  Okay, I'll bite.  Who's Paloma and why are we singing the Chi-Chi's version of 'Happy Birthday'?

G:  It's a fellow SCP author of Molly, and today is P's 40th birthday! (Blows party horn)

C:  God, I'd give anything to be 40 again!

A:  Oh shut up.  You're the only one of us who hasn't expanded TOO much!  Besides, this is a party, not a bitch session about our ages.  We've had some memorable birthdays, haven't we?

G:  I think it's a toss up, who had the most romantic 21st birthday.  All I know is I apparently stood on a table and told the band to 'take it off, boys!'

K:  I think Kyle was pulling your leg.  He told me you were bumping and grinding with Lance on the dance floor-

G:  Ssshhhhh!  I don't think I've told Troy that story!  And besides, Amy was proposed to at hers, and got a beautiful diamond engagement ring:)

C:  I got a 'First Promise' ring for mine:)  And Keri got laid for the 1st time.

K:  Caitlyn!  How many glasses of champagne punch have you had?  And that wasn't my 21st; that happened on the 20th.  For the 21st, Kyle took me out; I got hammered; and apparently Stephanie pissed you off afterward.

G:  THAT was funny!  First she kicked you in the head; then she knocked off the magnet and IT hits you in the head; then she shakes you awake, tells you she's drunk-

C:  -then flops down on her bed and shook the damn bed frame.  Yeah, I remember.  Thought only Keri was supposed to get drunk that night.  And this is champagne?  Thought it was just sherbet and ginger ale.

A (laughing):  Lighten up, Cait!  It sounds hysterical!  Wish I could have been there.  And drink as much as you want; we're spending the night here.  You can sleep late and go home tomorrow.  Besides, how long has it been since you had fun with us?

C:  Oh all right.  You've got a point.

K:  Now, can we get to the gifts?

C:  Gifts?  I didn't know we were supposed to bring gifts!!!  Nobody told me!!

K:  It's okay, Cait.  You're not giving anything; I am.  Here's what happened at my 21st birthday party.  Leave Molly a comment about the funniest or most romantic birthday you ever had (or remember!) and we'll draw a name out of the hat at midnight Sunday.

"Ohhh, I don' wanna leave yet. Why can't we dance sommore? 'We can build this world together, Nothin's gonna stop me now…' Issat how that goes, Gresh?" Keri hung onto Kyle for support as they left. "My feet hurt. Lemme take off these damn shoes." She kicked them off, and nearly fell over trying to pick them up. "Oohh, I really shouldn't do that. I almos' pulled Kyle down!" Keri started laughing. "Why'm I laughing? Who told a joke? I don' get it."
Kyle put his arm around her. "It's okay, sweetheart. You're drunk."
"Am I drunk? Hey, it's my birthday! Or, it was my birthday. 'Member my birthday las' year? Now that was memorable! Hey Gresh! Know what he did las' year? Put cake on my boobs and, oh hell. That was supposed to be a secret. Oh well, she's my bes' frien'. She won' tell, willya?"
Kyle smiled as Stephanie started giggling.
"She's a funny drunk." Steph wasn’t so steady herself. "Do I talk like that when I'm in the bag?"
"Sometimes, but you also snore." Gretchen unlocked her car.
"I do not!"
"Yes, you do, you sound like a moose in heat." Keri resisted Kyle’s attempts to get her in the car. "Hey, is sex better when you're drunk? I can't wait to fuck you."

K:  OMG posted THAT one?  I wanted the scene of the morning after!  Oh that what I did when we left the bar?  I'm so embarrassed....

G:  No more punch for Cait.  Time to put her to bed.

C:  Thank God Steph's not around to kick me in the head.  Night's been real, and it's been fun....

All:  But it ain't been Real Fun!

C:  Cool beans

A:  Hot chips...

G:  Warm beer....

K:  Cold Pizza!

All:  What A Party!!

G:  Remember to leave a comment about the funniest or most romantic birthday you remember for a chance to win Keri's story, Forbidden Love.  You can also buy it on Kindle here.  Happy birthday Paloma!  

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Timitra said...

Great post Molly!

helene said...

happy b-day gotta say I adored the the post

Marianne Stephens said...

Funniest birthday:
Turned 21, drank, "talked" to a bear statue in the middle of college town until friends were able to drag me away.
Got sick that night.
My roommate was in a little better shape than me, so she rolled up my bedspread and opened our dorm room window.
Had major headache next morning!
Happy Birthday Paloma!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Paloma!
Great party Molly!
Funniest birthday was my 30th. Mama called me up and asked:

"How does it feel to be ancient?"

She then informed me she'd waited my whole life for that moment, because at 10 years old I told her she was ancient. lol.

I'd forgotten all about it, but she hadn't.

pc said...

Happy b-day, Paloma!
Funniest birthday was when a group of friends decided to do the "surprise party" and when walked into the room (lights were out) someone slammed the door shut behind me and then there was a blackout so people were trying to find lighters...and then my name was spelled wrong on the cake!

Anonymous said...
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