Thursday, January 24, 2013

Final Post of 'That Sequel'

First of all, some AWESOME news!  Kenzie has a Release Date!  Details can be found here

Currently Reading:  Finished Class Reunion by Rona Jaffe and was a bit 'put off' by the sometimes seemingly TSTL characters.  If all women wanted out of a Radcliffe college experience was an 'M. R. S' degree, and had so little self-esteem, then I'm glad things had changed by the 80's!  I wanted to slap Emily; I expected better things of her.  And Chris, thinking she could 'change' someone?  Give me a break!  Also finished Sidney Sheldon's Are You Afraid Of The Dark and probably should have read this in the daylight hours....but was bored about halfway through with all the flashbacks.  I skipped to the final chapters to find out who the bad guy was and to read about how he got his 'come-uppance'.  I'll select another print book later today.

E-book-wise, I'm enjoying Christine Duncan's Safe House still.

I have never been so happy to see a book end in my life....well, okay....when I was in Jr High/High School and that time I decided to read The Bible all the way through in a year (1st Chronicles is boooooorrrrrring!!!)

Ch 21:
Sex in the playroom.  Takes him 4 pages to get to the action.  Ho hum....and then she wonders, 'Can one lust after one's own husband (or soon-to-be, anyway) like this?'

Duh....who else would you lust over?  Movie stars?  Another man, after you're married?  I seriously cannot believe that line was in there.

She fixes him a birthday lunch and cake....and there's some inane discussion about what the hell she's wearing and 'is my skirt too short'.  Brainwashing is beginning to take effect, but thankfully she does NOT change.

Then they go to his parents' house and friend K confronts them about an interesting email.  End of chapter.

Ch 22:
All about explanation of said email, and K 'just making sure' everything's on the up and up.  And then they rejoin the party and A's response is ' many people are HERE?'  Does she NOT remember other gatherings?  When these people celebrate an occasion, everyone of their closest friends are invited, no matter if it goes into the triple digits.  Get used to it.

Then a strange encounter with Mrs. R....and I don't know why this was necessary, except now C's mommy knows what her little boy was up to with the older man.

At the end, there's a page of intrigue.  A male is plotting revenge or finalizing plans since his 1st one failed.  Oh boy.  Wondered what made people buy the 3rd book....but I'm taking a break.  These posts will resume maybe in a month or so.  I am NOT recommending these books to anyone, unless you:
a) don't mind repetitious words
b) Have never read any books with any mention of BDSM
c) Just want to read a 'best seller'
d) want to join the discussion.

If I ever see the word 'smirk' again, I may hurl the book across the room.  And I used to like it!


Liz said...

just goes to show matte how bad a book may be....never mind...I can't even finish that thought right now. thanks for these and enjoy your break!

Molly Daniels said...

ROFL! Thanks Liz:) I realized at 10pm last night I still hadn't read the final two chapters. And when I 'forget' to read a book, it's pretty damn BAD! I was always the one who had to keep reading, and then was bored by the slow pace of class because then I had to wait for the rest of my classmates to catch up...and then the whole 'discuss theme, write papers' etc. Bleh.

Fiona McGier said...

Yet sadly, this series has made buckets of money for everyone associated with it. There's really no justice in the world, is there?

Cara Marsi said...

Thanks as always for your insightful comments. It's sad that this book has made buckets of money. I read an article in a magazine recently where a woman, a teacher, gushed over how much she and her book club loved the books. She actually said she and the othere were all giggly over the sex. Clearly these are women without fulfilling sex lives.

Molly Daniels said...

@Fiona: The only 'justice' is I'm hoping she'll be a 'one hit wonder'. Or at least gets a better editor!

And my Kenzie titles have benefitted from it, so what the hell.

Molly Daniels said...

@Cara: You are most welcome! Thank you to everyone who comes back and reads these installments! And after a while, the sex scenes just run together. This 'real time' and '1st person' narrative drove me crazy. Pick up the pace already!