Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hump Day Hook...and News:)

Currently Reading:  Finished Kellie's Tumbling Hearts and LOVED it!  I'd made a mental note to email Kellie about a certain part in the book, but that was not quite 24 hours ago, and I'll have to go look it up again.  This is another Definite Recommended Read:)  Began Jean Joachim/Ben Tanner's Love Lost and Found.  

Correction:  Was told I left a book off my list yesterday.  So as soon as I BUY A Kitchen Affair by Carol Preflatish, it will be added to that list of books:)  And Carol, you need some Tussin, sweetie....that's a nasty cough you have there;)

For more Hump Day Madness, go here:)

Today's holiday snippet is from the upcoming Endless Love.  Caty and Bryan have been together since their junior year in high school, and have made it all the way to their senior year in college.  There have been bumps along the way, but nothing prepared them for what they'd face the year Bryan placed a 1st Promise Ring on Caty's hand.  Will that ring be replaced by an engagement ring?  Or will Caty return it?

This actually takes place over Thanksgiving.  Cait and Bryan have temporarily broken up, but their parents are doing everything in their power to get them back together (rough draft; unedited):

 “I’m sorry, too,” he said.  “It’s just, I warned you.  I still love you, and I just hope that you’ll decide you want me, rather than the other guy.”
             “Oh Bryan, not you too?  Nobody sees my side of it,” she cried, shoving the pillow aside and scrambling off the bed.  “I don’t want to follow in my mother’s footsteps!  I don’t want my father punishing me for something I think is right!  I just want this confusion to be over,” she said, pacing back and forth.  “Why did Valerie have to be at that party?”  she moaned, leaning against her dresser.  “Why did you have to get so drunk that night?”
             “That’s it, isn’t it?” Bryan jumped up and went to her.  “You’re still mad about the circumstances!  It’s not pressure from your family that’s tearing you apart; it’s the guilt and anger you have toward us.”
             “Yes,” she said.  “If I could have come down that weekend, instead of staying at school, this would never have happened.”
             “Cait, you can’t beat yourself up with if only’s,” he said gently, stroking her hair.
             Caty sank down to the floor.  “I know.  I thought I’d gotten through that.  It’s the first time I’ve ever thought that.  If I had come up, like you asked me to, you wouldn’t be going through this.  But no, I had to stay behind and have fun with my friends.”  She covered her eyes.  “It’s my fault,” she whispered.  “It’s all my fault.”

Had a bit of family drama over the weekend; I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say my daughter has finally seen her boyfriend's 'true colors' and has left him for good.  Unfortunately, now his family has chosen to hurt her by saying he's now with one of his ex's, and the reality of being a single mom hit her hard last night.  But we've reassured her we've got her back;  she's not alone and has a wonderful support system in place for raising Miss Alex.  Just praying that a) she doesn't change her mind and b) she opens a new chapter in her life and does well.  Only five months til her 'Walk of Pride' at her HS graduation:)


Anonymous said...

Very emotional hook. Well done! As for your daughter, I'm so glad she has parents like you. Best of luck.

Colette said...

Love your hook, but I must admit to being quite excited about your news. Having 3 daughters myself, I've seen a looooooot of bad boyfriends!

Molly Daniels said...

@Flossie: Thank you:) I'm looking forward to editing this and the release date:)

Molly Daniels said...

@Colette: Sigh....unfortunately, things changed around 3pm yesterday. I want to shake her.