Friday, January 11, 2013

Flashback Friday: Unexpected Gesture

Currently Reading:  A Lady Never Surrenders by Sabrina Jeffries.  Finding this one hard to put down also!

Jan 1983:
I returned to school with a definite distance in my relationship with A, even though we finally shared a class together, along with my ex-b/f K and the rest of our circle of friends.  Friend B began walking in the halls with me again, so the rumors about us persisted.  I was also taking a Child Development class which meant for two hours twice a week, I'd be a 1st grade teacher's aid across the street at an elementary school.  Also on those days, B was taking a PE course in which he left twice a week to help the PE teacher at another elementary school.  So we would often meet up, leave school together, and he'd walk me to my school before continuing onto his.

One day, BFF J met me for lunch and said K wanted to set up a meeting with me for the next day at lunch.

"He didn't say what it was about.  Just that it was important."

I was curious, so I agreed to talk to him.

The next day, we ate lunch in a hurry, then K approached our table.  J and her new friend, and friend R stood up.  "We'll leave you alone so you can talk."

But instead of remaining in the cafeteria, K and I walked down to one of the private practice rooms in the music area.  He proceeded to apologize for the way he'd treated me over the summer, especially the trick he'd pulled in August, and wanted to be friends again.  I told him I'd think about it.  Then before the bell rang, I told him I'd forgiven him.  J and R were relieved when I told them.

In basketball, our team wasn't doing so well.  But still, the weekends were full of games, then Church and Youth Group on Sundays, and Bible Study.  I was beginning to feel like a 5th wheel around friends JL and KS, who had been dating the same men for the past several months.  Plus, our choir director decided to create an ensemble within our choir, and while he told me I had a pretty voice, I didn't make the final cut.  We also began rehearsing the material for the Florida trip in June.  I would soon have a choice to make:  Band Camp, where I'd be a senior, or choir trip?

Present Day:
Did I mention that Saturday night I put some numbing drops in my ear and when I woke up Sunday morning that ear was clogged?  The fluid still hasn't drained.  I'm thinking I'll have to make an appointment with the doctor.

We're also karaoking tonight!  Despite my nasty cough, I'll be attempting the following new songs tonight:
Delta Dawn-Helen Reddy
Dixieland Delight-Alabama
Do That To Me One More Time-Captain and Tenille
American Pie (if Brown has it!)

Plus, may try some old favorites from my existing list.  Just depends on the crowd.

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