Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's been quite some time since I last posted any in-depth reading lists, so I thought I'd begin 2013 with getting back to my first love, books.

Several of these books were purchased for a dime apiece at a used bookstore; others were gifts at Christmas; and a few others were 'retail therapy', purchased both at Barnes and Noble and Goodwill store.  Look for my 'mini-reviews' soon, always in blue, at either the top or bottom of these posts.

Fatal-Michael Palmer Good!
Just Breathe-Susan Wiggs Excellent!
Charm School-SW Excellent!
A Lady Never Surrenders-Sabrina Jeffries Excellent!
Public Secrets-Nora Roberts Okay
Honorable Intentions-Judith McWilliams Okay
This Calder Range-Janet Dailey CNF
Calder Pride-JD CNF but 1st half was good!
The Good Father-Peg Sutherland Wonderful!
Are You Afraid of the Dark?-Sidney Sheldon Good, but skipped to the end
Class Reunion-Rona Jaffe Good, but with tiresome characters, some TSTL.
The Full Cupboard of Life-Alexander McCall-Smith Good, but not too much 'detectiving'
In The Company of Cheerful Ladies-AMS Good, but not too much 'detectiving'
Stranger in the Moonlight-Jude Deveraux CNF.  I just could not get interested.
Micro-Michael Crichton  Excellent!
Last Chance Saloon-Marian Keyes

Blindsight-Robin Cook
Lovers-Judith Krantz

Tumbling Hearts-Kellie Kamryn Excellent!
Pretend With Me-Amber Skyze (repurchased, since other one is 'frozen' on Sony e-reader!) Excellent!
Love Lost and Found-Jean Joachim/Ben Tanner Excellent!
Celery, Sex, and Other Good Things For Your Heart-KK Excellent!
61- ??  Good

Safe House-Christine Duncan  Okay
Winter Interlude-Sandy Loyd  Excellent!
Moonlight and Roses-JJ  CNF
TV Bride-Meg Bellamy
Dark Desire-Desiree Holt
Blind Ecstasy-DH
Rylee’s Cowboy-Kathleen Ball
Rules of the Game-Heather Peters
Christmas Babies-Mona Risk
The Teacher’s Billionaire-Christina Tetreault
Hearts in Darkness-Laura Kaye

Lush Velvet Nights-Tina Donahue
Assassin's Kiss-Paris Brandon
Forbidden Love-(??)
Shut Up and Kiss Me-(??)
Sweat Equity-Liz Crowe
Closing Costs-L.C.
Star Crash-(??)

*?? means I've forgotten the author, but will know it once I access my K-Fire:)

What else does 2013 bring for me?  Well for one thing, I'm getting back to writing.  I've coasted too long on the completed projects and as November showed me, give the muse a gentle kick in the pants shove, and she'll cooperate.  Books #5 and 6 are due out in Feb and March, so yes, expecting 'edit hell' to kick in at any given moment, and cover art glee:)  But I also have to clean up #7  and get it submitted asap so it can be released this summer, and finish writing #8 for the same reasons, only hoping for a winter 2014 release.  Or maybe next fall.

The second thing I'll be doing is the weekly karaoke and trying to find us a place to live next year.  My BFF and karaoke partner-in-crime is planning to depart next September for Arizona, and I know I'm going to be lost without her.  Plus, other friends are moving on, so why shouldn't I?

I'm still planning to continue the Hump Day Hooks on Wed, and the critique of That Series on Thurs, and my Flashbacks on Friday.  Mon-Tues will be set aside for guest blogs and updates.

Karaoke Goals:  As I stated yesterday, I worked my way from 'Bop' to 'Dark Lady'.  Hopefully this means I should be well into the 'E' or 'F' titles:)


Amber Skyze said...

I'm sorry you had to re-purchase my book. I would've sent a copy for free.
Happy New Year!

Molly Daniels said...

I think you'd sent me the first one! I used a gift card, so it was as if you'd sent it, lol! Enjoy the royalties;)

Carol Preflatish said...

{{cough-cough}} My book's not listed. {{cough-cough}} :-)

Molly Daniels said...

I don't own Kitchen Affair yet!!!!

And take some Tussin, will you? ROFL!

Marianne Stephens said...

Just read both posts...what a year you had! Drama at home makes life interesting/stressful. I'm amazed you accomplished so much. I seem to fall apart with family drama/stress and quit writing. I have no attention focused on writing; just on family so I didn't get much done last year.
Keep healthy and keep your energy level up...you're such a strong person...and talented!

Molly Daniels said...

@Marianne: Awwwww....*blush* you're so sweet:) I think you're pretty talented yourself and looking forward to meeting you in person in May!