Monday, February 2, 2015

February Goals and Reading Schedule

Books Read in Jan:  11

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  1.  The  last of the 'H' songs were not kind to me!

NiKoh Sent In?  YES!

February Goals:
-Add 20K to SaLie's story
-Add 20K to Shana's story
-Edit NiKoh (if they arrive)  Check:)
-Approve NiKoh's cover art
-Pay for next year's CGAH show  1st installment sent:)
-Reserve slot in Day With Authors (before 15th)
-Start getting promo together for NiKoh and Hotel Stories
-Hotel Stories Release Party
-Practice Requiem for March 1st performance

February Reading Schedule:
April Fool- Blanche Marriott  Very good:)  RR
Wicked-Madison Scott  DNF
Triple D Ranch-Beverly Ovalle  Not bad; was expecting more of a plot.
Broken Pieces-Rachel Thompson  LOVED several of the essays and poems! 
I Like 'Em Pretty Nawlins-Michael Mandrake  DNF
I Love It-Michael Mandrake   DNF
The Bull Rider and Bare Boycotter  Good story!  Slightly repetitious in places.
Hell Hath No Fury-Carol Lynne  Interesting take on Hell and Lucifer:)  Enjoyable if you're in the mood for M/M.
Bound For The Holidays-Brynn Paulin  Good story:)
Breaking The Silence- Tricia Anderson  Excellent!  DRR Was surprised to find my name in the credits:)  Thanks Tricia!
The Anniversary-Crowe Gray  Hot story, not much plot.

Karaoke Songs
Broken-Amy Lee/Seether  Sounded good!
I Can't Dance-Genesis  Think it sounded okay; I'll check video.
I Can't Hold Back-Survivor  Nailed it!
I Don't Want To Fight-Tina Turner  Little shaky, but okay:)
I Don't Want To-Toni Braxton  Okay
I Don't Want To Live Without You-Foreigner  Okay
I Got You Babe-Sonny and Cher  Slightly low, but still good:)

Seahawks ROBBED of Super Bowl Title!
With less than a minute to go, Seattle was on the 1 yard line.  Yes, it was a dumb call to try to throw it in, rather than run it into the end zone, but the refs missed a pass interference call, when a Patriot player slammed into the receiver before the ball descended.  Instead of winning by 3, Seahawks lost by 4.

Definitely  an exciting game!  Commercials were a little blah, with the exception of Doritos and Budweiser.  Loved the Brady Bunch spoof with Snickers!

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