Thursday, March 5, 2015

Favorite Child

Picking a favorite book that I've written is like asking me to pick a favorite child.  I love them all equally, but at times one is favored slightly more, due to circumstances.  For instance, Graduation.  Birthday.  Special Honor, such as K being inducted into National Honor Society, getting his Eagle Scout badge, or the day we moved him into Purdue.  S has her moments, like when I went with her class to Conner Prairie, the day she gave birth to Alex, or when she and I have a Mother/Daughter outing.  W gets special treatment when he does exceptionally well on his lessons, or had a Cub Scout outing.

When they piss me off, they go to the bottom of the Favored Child list, ha ha...if you're a mom, you'll understand what I mean.

So what is my favorite book that I've written?  The answer may surprise you.

Bet you thought I was going to pick either Amy or Gretchen, right?  I don't know what it is about Keri that holds a special place in my heart....her book is NOT one of my better sellers, and she 'argued' with me when I had to cut several chapters, since I didn't see the need for repetitious scenes in her story, Gretchen's, or even Caty's books.  I'm not happy with the way I chose to end her story, but I'll tell you this much:  Stick around for Book #14 and you'll be very happy.

Now to just get Kenzie's aliens out of my head so I can write #8-12......

Which one of Kenzie's do I like best?  Come back next week.

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