Friday, March 6, 2015

Flashback Friday: "There's Ducks in the Swimming Pool!"

March 1975:
A new 'game' was invented, Boys Chase The Girls.  The big jungle gym was 'safe', so if you didn't want to get chased, you stayed on it.  But as much as I loved going across the monkey bars or trying to chin myself, I loved the swings more.

I'd developed a bit of a crush on a kid in my class, blonde-haired, good-humored Billy Harding, but since the object of the 'game' was don't get caught, this posed a bit of a problem the day I jumped off the swings and he began to chase me.

I wasn't a very good runner (I think my asthma was beginning to form), so he soon caught me.  I took off my glove and pinched his wrist, then got away and ran to safety.  Apparently I didn't understand the rules of the game:  You weren't supposed to pinch if you got caught.  I didn't know this, and happily told my tale of my 'great escape', but the girls looked at me like I'd sprouted horns or something, and refused to play with me.

BFF KB consoled me, since she wasn't in on the game, preferring to skip rope at recess, so I began improving my skills with a jump rope.

Spring Break approached, and my parents took my sister and I to Cincinnati.  I'd remembered good times in the pool and at King's Island, and eagerly shared stories with my sister.  When we arrived, our room overlooked a pond, and a stone path led to the indoor pool.  I pointed in the direction of the pool and told her about the diving board.

My four-y/o sister looked out the door, saw the pond and the ducks, and shrieked, "There's ducks in the swimming pool!"

After laughing so hard tears rolled down our faces, my parents took her outside and showed her the difference between the pool and the pond!

King's Island was awesome, except for one thing:  A new ride, Mike Fink's Keelboat Canal, was open, and I HATE log flume rides.  I begged Mom to let me stay by the fence, but she refused, so I endured another scary ten-foot drop into water and screamed 'I hate you!' all the way down.  I vowed  right then and there, if I EVER had kids, I would never force them to ride anything they deemed scary.  (With the exception of taking my daughter on the Typhoon, I've held up that vow:)

Our family pet Keeshound, Wags, had disappeared, and we were soon the new owners of Sid the Basset Hound:)

Present Day:
We've been hit with another snowstorm; school was cancelled yesterday, but the good news is, we'll be back in the 40s either today or tomorrow:)

I was pissed off Wednesday, when Vince, a coconut vendor with feathers in his hair, was voted off Survivor.  I'd wanted to see more of him, but he revealed a jealous, immature streak last week, and it rather came to a head this week with both he and the other guy circling each other like male lions trying to assert themselves as Alpha Male.  Unfortunately, Will flipped on him, calling him a 'loose cannon', and helped vote him out.

Karaoke Songs:
-I Honestly Love You-ONJ  Nailed it:)
-Amazed-Lonestar  So-so; will check video.
-I Hope You Dance-Leanne Womack
-Magic Power-Triumph
-I Can't Drive 55-Sammy Hagar

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