Friday, March 13, 2015

Flashback Friday: Having 'The Talk' and Spring Break

March 1985
Spring Break occurred over a fairly decent weather week, and I spent one day at my old HS, seeing favorite teachers and even old friends who were there for the same purpose.  Nothing in particular was done, since my mom and sister were still in school, so I did a lot of reading, a lot of sleeping, and missing my freedom, since I couldn't come and go as I pleased, and didn't have a boyfriend.

When I returned to school, I looked forward to my weekend activities with TM.  But the following weekend, we watched TV in the lounge, and we had fun answering the questions about each other for the Newlywed Game.  However, he soon yawned and announced he was going to bed and he'd see me the next day.

Saturday, I waited all day for him to call me, and distracted myself by watching TV, playing Uno, and reading.  But after dinner, I was fed up and went to his dormitory.  Again, we settled down in the lounge and watched TV, then he said he was going to bed.  My hormones got the better of me and I snapped, expressing my anger.  Then, embarrassed by my outburst, I ran back to my dorm and refused to answer the phone, with the exception of one call, where we decided to end our relationship, once and for all.

My roommates were astounded by my unusual behavior, so I decided to come clean about what I'd been doing since November.  Turned out we'd all been keeping that aspect of our relationship private from each other, so I was relieved to learn I wasn't the only one!

K and I even laughed about a weekend right after Valentine's Day, when I had dropped hint after hint for her and her b/f to leave, and she'd tried to get us to leave.  TM and I had ultimately gone for a walk, but I refused to unzip my coat in the 40 degree weather.  In hindsight, if we'd simply opened EY and EC's closet doors and blocked the view from the hallway, both of us could have had a better evening.  But I wasn't comfortable with the idea of anyone else in the room at the time, and neither was she.

Next Month:  The Blind Date Which Changed My Life Forever

Present Day:
I've been a bad blogger this week, but with good reason:  I've been working on the last round of edits for Kenzie's NiKoh's Chosen, and it absolutely consumed me all of Wednesday and yesterday.

Had our taxes done last night and I'm not happy.  Last year we received $1400 from Fed and owed $1100 to State.  This year, we're only getting $600 back and owe $1085, and according to the IRS, I now have a 'charming little hobby'.  Even though right now, I've made 4 times as much as I earned this time last year.  Let's hope it continues!

Karaoke Songs for Tomorrow:
I Hope You Dance
As Long As You Love Me
I Just Called To Say I Love You
I Can't Drive 55 (maybe this will be the week I finally get to do this???)

Happy Friday the 13th!

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