Wednesday, March 18, 2015

HDH #3

I missed last week, due to cleaning up one of Kenzie's stories.  It's amazing what one comment from an outsider can do for the creativity!  NiKoh is waiting to be formatted and given a release date, though the cover is already on the April trailer:)

Here's a snippet of Book #2.  Enjoy!

"You heard from Slagal?” Todd panted, trying to catch his breath.

“I just spent a week with him at the base in July, and my mom said a letter arrived from
him yesterday that she’s sending me. Have you?”

“Yeah. I got a letter from him saying he'll be home September third. Wait a minute…you
went out there to see him?”

“Yes. And September third? That’s only two weeks away. Oh that’s wonderful.” Amy
hugged her books to her chest.

Todd shifted his stance. “So you two are still keeping in touch? Whoever thought a
blind date would turn out all right? I just wish your roommate would talk to me.”

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