Friday, March 20, 2015

Flashback Friday

March 1995:
The spouse enjoyed me working, and would often bring the kids in for dinner on the weekends.  One rainy Sunday, I declared it 'No Calorie Sunday' and made more tips than anyone had ever made in the back section!

I continued to amaze Todd, by my ability to handle large parties, yet was flustered by the same amount of people sitting at different tables.  Don't ask why.

Next Month:  Tension growing and a bad choice.

Present Day:
March Madness is in full swing:)  I'll be traveling to Evansville tomorrow for a Writer's Meeting, then back for dinner and karaoke.

Today is the spouse's 61st birthday:)  I'll be watching basketball.

Tomorrow's Karaoke Line Up:
I Got The Boy-Jana Kramer
I Knew I Loved You-Savage Garden
I Love Rock-n-Roll-Joan Jett

March Madness:
- 50/50 in 1st round
- 12/16 Thurs
-10/16 Friday
-11/16 Sat and Sun

Wonder how well today's games will go?  Check back later as I update this....

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