Friday, April 12, 2019

Flashback Friday: Event-Filled April!

Spring Break, Pt 2:
I received a phone call the night before I was due to fly home.

"Bad news; I wrecked my car."

"OMG....are you all right?"

"Yes, but the car is totaled."

We chatted some more, but all I could think about was, how the hell was I supposed to drive back and forth from the country club now?

I enjoyed my final day with Grandma, then flew home and returned to school.

Car Issues:
I persuaded EY to let me use her car for at least one week, and handed in my notice at work.  My 'regulars' were sorry to see me go, but understood transportation issues.  Manager B told me if I ever needed my job back, she'd give it to me.  I left on a happy note, with everybody tipping me well.

New Job!
I needed something within walking distance, and since I'd discovered I was good at pushing drinks at the NYE ball, I applied at King's Crossing bar, and got the job.  My first night, I broke an entire tray of empty beer bottles, when my manager stopped me.  I stopped, but the bottles didn't, ha ha!  That first weekend, I learned about declaring tips; I didn't have to do that at the country club.  The other girls filled me in on their 'system'....if we made less than $20, declare only a dollar.  $20, declare $2, $30, declare $3, and so on.

Weekend Plans and WW3
During all this time, I was saving up my funds to rent a car in order to spend a weekend in Akron, OH, with BC.  With one week left to go, he called me.

"I think I did something stupid; Wendy (his G/F) and I got in a fight, because she doesn't want to come see me.  I told her you were busting your ass to save up the money for a rental car, and hung up on her."

" you realize what you've done?"

"I know, I know.....just wanted to give you a head's up in case she decided to call you."

She never did call me, and I had an enjoyable weekend with him.  He took me to the Olive Garden after I arrived on Sat, then we went to a bar and watched some idiots wrestling Caesar, The Wrestling Bear.  He offered to pay for me to do it, but I refused!  Told HIM to wrestle the damn thing, ha ha!

Sunday, he had to go into the office for a few hours, so I did my homework and watched TV.  He came back and we decided to go see Major League, then grab pizza.

That evening, he was in the bathroom when his phone rang.  I answered it, and it was Wendy.  I was cordial, then went to tell B she was on the phone.  He came out, and I went into the bedroom to give him some privacy.  As soon as I left the room, I heard him say, "No, not til tomorrow morning."  Then his side of the conversation was all 'yes' and 'no'.  I decided to get ready for bed, and after a few minutes, decided to go back in the other room and 'rescue' him.  However, he had other ideas.  As soon as I opened the door, wearing my white sleepshirt and shorts, he started exclaiming, "OMG, she's naked.  Go put your clothes back on.....I gotta go."  He hung up.

I was furious.  "Are you INSANE?  What the hell do you mean by telling her THAT?"

"I was fed up with her and wanted to get off the phone.  You came out at the right time."

"I was planning to tell you there was an issue with your TOILET, numb skull!  You just dropped the atomic bomb on her!"

"Ah, she'll get over it."

When I went to bed, I asked him what time he was planning to wake me up. (He'd discovered he hadn't washed the sheets on his pull-out couch, so let me use his bed while he slept on the couch.)

"At 6.  Sleep naked, and you'll see HOW I'll wake you up."

I rolled my eyes.....but heard his alarm go off.  I slipped off my shirt and dropped it on the floor, then went back to sleep.  I heard his alarm go off two more times, then he came in and slapped me on the butt, told me to wake up, and left the room.  I put my shirt back on, walked out, and said, "Chicken."

His eyes popped open.  "Why....were you naked?"

"Didn't you see my shirt on the floor?"

"No.....go get back in bed and we'll try this again."

" had your chance.  I gotta be on the road by 8 am."  I promptly went in to take a fast shower!

When we left the apartment, we discovered it had snowed, so had to scrape both cars before leaving!

I returned my rental, and recounted my weekend to my friends, who couldn't believe nothing had happened between the two of us!

Math Woes
I discovered I still hadn't passed my math class, so decided to stick around for May-mester.  I would be living in the dorm across the street, with the z-shaped rooms.  EY and I said our tearful goodbyes to everyone and went our separate ways.

Next Month:  New Dorm, New Roomie, New Friends.

Present Day:
Erica arrives tonight, and tomorrow, we head to Evansville, in order to see Billie Jo, who's on her 2nd round of chemo.  Then it's back here for Open Mic Night, and on Sun, the Rock Opera of The Passion.

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