Friday, April 5, 2019

Flashback Friday: OOPS!!

April 1979:
We spent Easter with the Campbells, and watching little P finding Easter Eggs.

My spring choir concert at McCutcheon HS was full of hilarity and confusion.  We practiced getting up on stage TWICE, and did it flawlessly.  However, on the night of the performance, someone messed up when we took our seats, for when it was time to line up, I realized I was about to lead my group of girls to the BOYS section, so I hastily stepped up to the next riser, along with the others, until the right person filled in that row, and we were able to step down again.  I don't remember anyone getting mad, so it all worked out.

I also remember being envious of the Select Choir, for they got to sing Andy Gibb's "I Just Wanna Be Your Everything', and there were several who were taught a dance routine.  I wish I could remember the steps!

Our songs included Barry Manilow's 'Daybreak', and a beautiful three-part harmony song 'There's a little bell a-ringing in my heart...'

Of course, no video existed back then, and no pictures, other than me posing with my dad before leaving.

Next Month:  House Key Dropped Into Black Hole

Present Day:
I'm setting up at the Washington East Side Park Community Building for a Spring Vendor Fest!  Tonight from 4-8, and tomorrow from 9-2 or 3pm.  Hoping for good sales, since I ended up spending investing in a new table, laminating sheets, and printer ink.  I've been busy this week, re-doing the pictures on the Prize Wheel, and decided to do book covers of different genres:
Classic:  Little Women
Mythical  Percy Jackson and Lightening Thief
Kids:  Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire (my personal fave of the series)
Crime:  Men In Blue by W.E.B. Griffen
Horror:  Stephen King's Firestarter (first one I ever read)
Romance:  Brynn Paulin's Brotherly Bonds (I love her Cress Bros, and didn't want to put 'That Book' on my wheel!)
Fantasy:  Lord of the Rings
My own:  Catered Romance

I guess I should have used the Hungry Little Catapillar for Kids?  Honestly couldn't decide between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, ha ha.....

The weather is supposed to be GORGEOUS, in the 70s, so hoping for a good turnout this weekend:)

Enjoy the warm weather and I'll see you back here on Tuesday for the next installment of 'Life In Lumber Week #2''.

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