Sunday, April 28, 2019

Life In Lumber, Week #5

Day 35 (LG)
Found my notebook!!!  It was in the rack facing the cash register:)  I'd looked through all the cubby holes, and had gone up to Brenda to let her know to keep an eye out for it.....and saw it!

I had some time before my shift, so went up front to get trash bags, only to be told I was going to be in L&G.  Ugh.  So went back to Lumber, got my water bottle and sweatshirt, clocked in, and headed outdoors.

Things went fairly smooth, until a lady with an accent was buying plants.  Turned out most of them were discounted, and some needed overridden.  Even then, she questioned the price, but finally seemed satisfied and went on her way.

Two others came up with items that were supposed to be BOGO, but didn't ring up that way.  So I cleared the screen, and only charged them for half the items.

Thankfully, my register had a heater, and Morgan and I worked well together.  I didn't fuss when she left for her 15 min break at 4:48 and returned at 5:20, so I also didn't worry about getting back on time....left at 5:25 and returned twenty minutes later!

At 7pm, I finished ringing up the last two customers, and we went indoors.  Filled the bags at the front, helped Sandy with the snack racks, and we clocked out around 7:40.  I was cold and hungry!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back in Lumber, and everything will go smoothly:)

Day 36:
It was 'leave everything in lumber' day.  Hardware, flooring, even flowers!

Otherwise, the shift went by fairly steady.  I did discover the scanner on Reg #2 is defective.  Remember my CFH last week?  I scanned a lumber tag, then hit tab, then 13, then 'enter'.  Double-checked the screen; only 1 rang up.  So it WASN'T entirely my fault!  I really need to bring this to Scott's attention....

Other than shoving the door off the track when I tried to lock it, everything went smooth.

My covering Ally's shift on Tues was approved, so yay....I'll be up front tomorrow!

Day 37: Front
Reported for duty and was told to replace Rachel.  The first ninety minutes were steady, and we heard about a backlog in Lumber.  At 6:30. I was told to go down to Lumber to send Jill on her lunch break, and discovered she was ringing up this HUGE order.....8 carts and two flat carts, over $4600 worth of stuff.  As I waited, I hopped on R2 to help with other customers, and discovered that J's customer had a problem with their card.  Turned out a '7' needed to be a '9'....this after phone conversations back and forth to banks, fraud alerts, and their boss.  An HOUR later, the problem was solved, the men went on their merry way, and J took her break.  I did her soda count, gathered her tax exempts and loading tickets, and swept the floor.  Went back up front, hoping to be sent on MY 15 minute break, or at least a bathroom break, but discovered a back log up there.  Hopped on R9, then Mel took her pit stop.  When she came back, I requested one, so she let me.  We got nearly everything accomplished and clocked out about 9:40.

I'm off Wed, so will report back either Friday morning or Thursday before karaoke!  Here's hoping things go well:)

Day 38: Lumber
Today went very smoothly!  Learned how to load an LAR account, thanks to Kem, and was able to get the majority of my closing duties accomplished before I left for lunch at 6:30.  After lunch, I loaded the soda machine, washed down the windows, and even joked around with Scott, when he insisted on going through the 'problem' door....told him if I broke it again I was blaming HIM!

Ben forgot to take my trash with him, so returned a drill bit to Tools, then dropped off the tax exempts/loading tickets and extra sodas, then pushed the cart to the trash compacter.  Stopped off at the break room to drop off my vest and pick up my coat (it had been raining earlier), then pushed the cart to the front and clocked out.

My feet were KILLING me by the time I left.  I work again on Sat, so see you back here, probably Sunday, since it's karaoke night again after my shift. 

Day 39:  No karaoke tonight; D, S, and W went to the movies, so A and I read 4 books and watched The Incredibles until she  fell asleep.

Tonight's shift was steady, with no issues:)  Off tomorrow, then I work M and Thurs.  See you next week!

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