Friday, April 26, 2019

Flashback Friday

April 2009:
This was an event-filled month.  My sweet toddler turned into naughty child who refused to listen, and got his butt swatted multiple times, plus I had to once tie him to his chair to get him to sit down at the table and eat his dinner.  His brand new bicycle was locked in storage for a week.  I joked that an alien mommy and I had swapped kids!  His Head Start teacher also informed me that his brain 'switched on', and he was now eager to answer questions at Rug Time, instead of playing:)

I'd also signed him up for kindergarten, and while he was excited about it, even wondering when he would start, he was overwhelmed when we visited his future classroom, and one of his friends had some good advice for him!

Rock of Ages Musical hit Broadway, and I desperately wanted to see it!  Discovered they were planning on making a film adaptation, so that pacified me:)

Kenzie received her release date for All She Ever Wanted:  May 19th would be the day!

Friend B had delicate sinus surgery, to remove polyps.

My oldest son and his friends lost a classmate right after he spent the weekend painting the playground equipment at one of the parks, for his Eagle Scout project.

I got a ticket while taking my daughter to school.  I'd made a rolling stop through a 4-way and a cop happened to see it.  Not one of my finer choices, and he was NOT sympathetic at all when I tried to explain we were late for school!

As For The Rants....
Earth Day.  What happened to all the refill bottles?

Miss America vs Perez Hilton over the subject of Gay Marriage and speaking one's own mind or the PC answer.

The Age of Rudeness

Ten years later, my characters are STILL 'suspended in time'.

Finally, the NCAA championship 'game' between UNC and Michigan State.  It was more of a College vs HS scrimmage.

Next Month:  Dreaming I'm On Letterman, and Other Release News

Present Day:
I'm off to the Evansville North HS Craft Fair tomorrow!  I'll be in the gym, row F, table 5, next to Nanny's Notions and Two Old Bags.  Hoping for better sales than recently!

Today's also payday, so have to figure out how much of my check is going toward medical bills and what events/cover art I can pay with the rest.  Wish me luck....

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