Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Life In Lumber, Week #4

Day 30:
I knew going into today that it was probably going to be hectic, since the temps were pushing 80.  When D dropped me off, the parking lot in Lumber didn't look too bad, but after clocking in and arriving, there was a line.  I took over for Mel, and thought I was going to get a break fairly soon, but it was steady all the way until right before Sandy came down to relieve me for my lunch break!

The 6:00 hour was INSANE...
    -People needing loaders, and not happy to discover they were tied up
    -A customer tried to buy a Craftsman leaf blower, only to discover he only had $80 on his card, and it hijacked my register.  Had to call IT and be on hold for ten mins, so hopped over to the other register while waiting.  IT guy walked me through a return as I was in the middle of ringing up a LARGE order, so had have the customer wait while I went back to #1 and get it freed.  It needed an override to complete it, and couldn't get anyone to come down, despite repeated attempts.  Continued ringing up people on #2 until Tasha finally came down, then told me 'You're not supposed to do returns here."  Told her the situation, got my register unlocked, finished with the customer on #2, then logged out and went back to #1!  Was about to start the soda count when Sandy came down to relieve me.
   -Things settled down after lunch, and was able to finally do my closing chores.

Tasha and Brandon came down and asked me where I was feeling most comfortable, and I answered 'Lumber or up front'.  Told her about my Black Thumb as far as gardening goes, and being clueless about all things in that department, though I knew enough to look items up!  She laughed and said it was more than MOST people knew to do, so kudos there, and walked off.

Jessica had asked me to clean the tracks on the cooler, since Corporate was coming in on Tues.  I accomplished that around 8pm, and did everything except sweep by 9pm, then since my large dust mop was missing, I simply swept the area between the two registers.

After Mel came down to get the $$, I loaded up the trash, the extra sodas I didn't need, and my two returns, and headed off.  Dropped off the trash, then the returns, then the tax exempt slips, my one return slip, and the loading tickets.  Restocked the sodas and batteries in the storage area and pushed my cart into the Entrance before taking off my vest and being able to clock out.

Hoping tomorrow is a little less hectic; it's supposed to rain Tues, Wed, and Thurs.  I still need to talk to Tiffany and hope she can switch with me this weekend.  I'll work for her either May 1st or 2nd if she'll work my shift on Sat!

Day 31:
So I got my wish; today was MUCH slower/more typical.  Didn't really have any issues, other than trying to look up the drywall panels again, and having a slight 'rush' around 5pm.

There's a remote possibility I forgot to clock back in after lunch; it wouldn't let me clock out after my shift.  Bethany said she'd fix it.

I also went in early, in order to do the training, and wasn't able to finish before my shift.  I'll have to go in early again on Thurs.

It was also Molly and Chelsea Day, as far as helping customers.  One guy was getting the run around from L&G about landscape timbers; I was trying to find someone to help him when C came back and did it.  Then, I was coming back from lunch when a guy stopped me and asked about soldering irons.  I told him where to find them, then found Robert in Tools and pointed him in the direction of the customer.  Near closing, a third customer asked me about antifreeze, a spray bottle, and shovels.  I pointed him in the right direction.

All THREE came down to lumber for check out AND to personally thank us for 'doing our jobs'.

I'm off on Wed, so here's hoping Thursday goes smoothly!

Day 32:
Was asked to come in an hour early, so I did.  Rang up more tax exempts than I've probably done all month!  Other than the torrential rainfall, the night went fairly smooth, with me only making one major blunder:  Guy came in to get a trailer; couldn't get Scott on the phone, so had to page him:

Scott, please come to Lumber.

Oops.  Adrianna called me, telling me to page him again, asking him to call 251, which is the Lumber phone #.  I hadn't known that!  I'm about to do that when I hear, Lumber cashier, call 202.

I do so and after identifying myself, immediately apologized for paging him in that manner!

Got a compliment from A at the end of the night; apparently one morning she came in to open and the Lumber area was a mess.  Dirty floor, nothing stocked....she told me she thought, 'You can tell Molly didn't close last night!"

Kudos to me:)  She also took a snapchat video of me twirling the broom ala flag routine, ha ha!

Ally wasn't happy with her schedule, so I told her I'd be happy to cover the next two Tuesdays for her:)  I'm needing hours the next two weeks.

Also made sure Scott, Jess, and Adrianna all knew I'm coming in late on Saturday, due to the NHS event.

Here's hoping Friday goes smoothly:)

Day 33:
The shift began fairly typical, but I noticed every time I picked up the broom, customers appeared.  Adrianna relieved me for lunch, and when I returned, it was if gremlins had taken over.
   -Customer's order could not be found
   -Receipt printer refused to print
   -Check refused to be validated
   -Drivers License would not match
   -Reg 1 ran out of quarters, and Reg 2 ran out of $20s.

Things smoothed out after an hour, and I was able to get some of my closing duties finished, even taking the time to chat with and pet a beautiful black pit bull named Wabash.

A woman arrived with several plants, all discounted, so had to key them in one at a time....all 12 of one and six of another.  If Scott hadn't been busy, I'd have asked him to override everything!

Toward the end of the shift, two women approached with floor tile, and wanted to price check each.  Fine; I keyed in the one they wanted, then all hell broke loose.

I have never wanted to throttle a customer so badly before, but I restrained myself.

1) They had me scan the 4 2x4s, then the 4x4s.  I scanned in two, and the one watching the screen told me to stop, they'd reached their limit.  Erased the 2nd one, scanned coupon for $56 and change.  They paid.

2)  I was asked to scan all the Quikcrete and another 4x4, then to take off the 4x4.  Another coupon was used; they paid for their $56 and change.

3)  Scanned in rest of lumber; another coupon used.  $56 and change, they paid, then the 2nd woman remembers she has a special order.

4)  Found her storm door; she pulls out another coupon and takes her 5%.  $440 and she pays, then they leave.

-store closes
-two more customers are looking irritated
-Adrianna calls me to ask how many customers (we were almost finished with the 3rd order)
-I'm realizing I've not done ANYTHING close to my usual list of chores.

The other two customers were fortunately easy ring ups, and they were out the door in a few minutes.  I locked the left door, but left the right one open so my CFH could shove their carts in.

My soda was brought; A came down to clean out the registers.  I'd swept the main areas, and had quickly wiped off the counters.  She released me to the front; I took back the rejected floor tile and a drill bit, dropped off my tax exempt forms and loading tickets, and finished up.

Clocked out about 9:50 pm.

I DO have to call in around noon tomorrow, to let the manager know I'll be two hours late, even though practically everyone knows it.  A put me on the flow chart to work from 6-close, but to cover my butt, and not get an occurrence, I need to call in.

Here's hoping it's a nice, steady 3 hours tomorrow!

Day 34:
I managed to get there at 5:30, and for the first hour, things went smoothly.  Got my soda count turned in; learned we'd had a $500 winner in the weekend promotion; started on my checklist at 7pm/

Then things went downhill.
-Ran out of $5s, so switched to Reg 2. 
-Something went wrong when I rang up 7 sheets of plywood and only 1 was charged.  Called to see what to do about it, and Mel told me they'd have to pay.  Customer hit the roof and began yelling at me; I paged Scott, and he told me to charge her a penny.  She calmed down and left.
-Had another customer with a complicated order, and it was well after 9pm before I finally got the doors locked, the floor swept, and the register tape replaced.
-I also discovered my notebook was missing, with all my codes, passwords, etc in it.  I'm hoping and praying it shows up in Lumber somewhere.

I work again tomorrow from 2:30-close, so come back tomorrow for Life In Lumber, Week #5:)

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