Friday, April 19, 2019

Flashback Friday: Practice Schedule Hell

April 1999:
When you're new to coaching, and there are two Pee-Wee teams, naturally the already-established coach will get the best practice time and field.  K's friend Austin's dad R decided to coach the kids and invited D to be his assistant coach.

Which was all fine and dandy.....until practice schedules were set up, and we barely had any available practice time, since there were six baseball teams, six softball teams, AND a HS softball team all vying for space on three fields.  The HS team would always practice or have games on #1, so that left only two fields available after school.  Fortunately, one of the parents of our team's players had a large field and said we could use it, which we did.

Toward the end of the month, R came up to me and asked if I'd be the team's Concession Rep, which meant I'd be in charge of getting the stand set up, and scheduling parents to work the stand during our home games.  I said sure, and met with Barb to find out the procedures and which team was in charge when we played the other Home team.  (If we were the 'visiting' team, it was the other team's responsibility.  Remember this for the June's post!)

Practices went well, and we had a girl on our team who had a chip on her shoulder.  D quickly learned she was competitive, and could bring out the best in her by telling her she couldn't do it, which made her focus more, and prove him wrong!  Reverse psychology DOES work at times!

Next Month:  Let The Games Begin!

Present Day:
I'm off to La Grange, KY for the 9th annual Kentuckiana Author's Fair!  Leaving this afternoon, then tomorrow's going to be loooong, for as soon as I break down my booth, I drive home, show up at Jeanna's Pure Romance Party, then head to church for the Easter Vigil.

Before I leave, I'm hoping there's an outdoor Way of the Cross....I've missed attending this the past few years.

Sunday is Easter, and I'm surprised I'm not scheduled to work!  I figured being the 'low man on the totem pole', I'd have to work the holiday!  Can't get into my schedule yet to see who's not working on the 27th, to switch shifts with them.  Hopefully I'll be able to do that on Monday.

Have a wonderful and Blessed Easter!

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