Friday, July 5, 2019

Flashback Friday: Cypress Gardens!

July 1979
We took our annual trip to St. Pete, Fla, to visit Grandma and Grandpa Grauel, and were disappointed a visit to Disney was not in the plans.  We did go to Cypress Gardens, and got our pictures taken while inside a T-Rex statue, and with the pretty ladies in their dresses.  The real excitement, however, was the water ski show.

We sat in the grandstand, and enjoyed the barefoot water skier, and the pyramids, and during the Grand Finale, disaster hit.  A hang glider was featured, and the wind blew him into the stands.  One minute he was hovered at the entrance ala 'hi folks', and the next, he crashed two or three rows ahead of us.  Mom pushed my sis and I down, then jumped up to assist, and administer any first aid needed.

We returned for the next show, but I was the only one to go sit in the stands.  I didn't have a camera, so all the pics of the 'grand finale' are from the back side, not the front.  The barefoot water skier also fell off his skies, so that segment of the show had a complete restart!  Think the accident had rattled everyone.

Walks On The Beach and Uncle Andy's!
We made friends with other kids whose grandparents lived in the same complex:  Kerry, Becky, and Penny, and Cheryl.  Kerry was around my age, with B and P more my sister's.  We spent a week playing on the diving board and shuffleboard.  Cheryl was a year older than I, and stayed longer.  Mom let us go across the street to Uncle Andy's Ice Cream Parlour every night for ice cream, then walk on the beach.

Our 2nd night of this escapade, we decided to cut through the Don Caesar Hotel, but as soon as we climbed the stairs, we saw all these people in evening gowns.....then we looked at ourselves in shorts and t-shirts.....and went back downstairs!  We also came across two hunky guys throwing a board into the surf and attempting to keep their balance.  When they left, we picked it up and tried it.  It took two of us to throw it, and a while later, one of the guys returned, and laughed at us!  He volunteered to throw it, and while we had fun, none of us could keep our balance.  Still, it was fun to flirt with a good-looking guy!

C's grandma let her go to the local water park with us, and we had a good time on the slides and on the bumper boats.  When our time was up, C and I had figured how to steer, but W hadn't, and let out a shriek!  The operator took another boat out to help her out, to get her back to the dock:)

This might have also been the year it rained the first week, and Grandma took us to the library.  I tried to check out at least 8, but Grandma made me only check out three.  I had them read that night, so Grandma took me back the next day and let me check out as many as I wanted!  She said she didn't plan to return again til the next week, and knew I was going to devour them.

Next Month:  Beginning 8th Grade and Making A Stupid Mistake

Present Day:
I'm off to Indianapolis for the InConJunction Convention!  I have my own table this year, and hoping to do as well as, if not better, than last year:)  One of my co-workers, Karlie, wants a copy of Heart's Last Chance or Catered Romance:)

Had a wonderful 4th of July celebration, with Kyle and Jeanna coming over for a cook out, and going to the fireworks.

Got some semi sad news last night:  Thomas, MDQ and ME's father (he was never 'dad' to them), passed away yesterday.  He's the one who beat Jamie, stabbed her with a knife, slapped MDQ around, and encouraged ME to disrespect women.  I heard he had been working on repairing his relationship with MDQ, and that over the years, he and ME had grown close.  But two years ago, he'd threatened to have J arrested if she showed up for his mom's funeral.  I lost respect for that man soon after ME was born.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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