Monday, July 22, 2019

Life In Lumber, Week #17

Day 90:  Sleep Deprived Shift!
Began my shift by asking in a hopeful voice, "Tell me we're overstaffed and I can go home and sleep??"


Crap.  So I clock in, and thankfully, things went well.  No major issues, and I managed to stay awake and not yawn too much!  Makayla and I requested to have her work my shift on Friday, and hopefully it will be approved.

My final customer of the day was a tax exempt, plus I found four more loading tickets in the slot.  At 9pm, as Mel was making her 'we're now closed' speech, two men walked in and told me they'd be speedy!  Nevertheless, Tasha came down and closed me out asap.

Here's hoping I get a good night's sleep and am a little more 'chipper' tomorrow!

Day 91:  Good Shift!
The first two hours were nice and steady, then from 5-6, I swept, emptied the trash, checked my schedule and email, and tried to stay busy.  Went to lunch at 6:15, and when I came back, Tasha had found the note someone had taped above the register with the silica sand code, and questioned me and Rachel.  We didn't know who had posted it, and pointed out we couldn't find it on the computer or the app.  I went down and took a picture of it, so we'd know what to look under.  Meanwhile, T proceeds to type up a letter, saying 'cheat sheets should not be used, and if anyone is caught using one, consequences will be taken...'

*eye roll*

Good thing she doesn't know I've already got some items memorized!

Things went well 2nd half of the shift (after I remembered to clock in 5 minutes later!), and wiped down all the counters, cleaned under all the mats, and rotated the sodas.

If the rest of this week goes this smoothly, hallelujia!

Day 92:  Hump Day and I Escape The 'Let's-Return-From-Lunch-On-Time' Lecture!
At 1pm. as I was about to fix lunch, MK called and asked if I'd come in early.  I said sure, so we hurriedly got everyone in the truck and went to Wendy's for food.  I ate quickly, then went to work.  Things went smoothly all afternoon, then Tiff came down to relieve me for lunch.  Clocked out at 5:35, but had to go back to my locker and restroom; didn't leave until nearly 5:45.  Went to Subway for a chicken pesto, and set my alarm for 6:30.  Walked back; Tiff had a customer, so returned to my locker and the restroom, then clocked in at 6:44.  Returned to lumber, where Tiff logs out of the register, then helps Chris roll up some chicken wire and tie it shut.  About an hour later, I got a phone call from MK, asking why I returned 25 mins late.  I explain what had taken place, with Chris and the chicken wire, and she said okay.  Chris then comes down to see what my story is, and I repeated it.  He said, 'Understood', and that was the end of it.  I FULLY expected MK to either look at my time card or the video, and give me The Lecture, but none came:)  In fact, we were able to close on time, and everyone was in a good mood:)

Here's hoping tomorrow, my last day this week, goes well!

Day 93:  Day Before Trip To St. Louis!
Think everyone realized they hadn't been to the store this week; we were steady all day long!  But not so busy I couldn't do my closing duties.  Cydnee came down and got my trash at 7:30, but I filled another one by close, so Justin took it down.  Had one customer 'try to kill me', by dropping a 1x2 on the counter, nearly missing my head.  At the end of the shift, MK came down to close me out, but my final customer had 3 separate orders, so she could use up a few coupons.  Still, managed to get out of there by 9:15:)

Off to Perrysville tomorrow, whoot!  3 day weekend!

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