Tuesday, July 2, 2019

July Goals

How Well Did I Do In June?
-Send Pkgs to Tx and Wa Nope
-Write #2 Regrets Nope, but wrote two pages!
-Interview on Dawn's Reading Nook (turn in by 10th) Check!  No comments, though....:(
-Do well at Spring On Main  Sold 3:)
-Have fun in Brown County for Alex's 7th birthday Rained, so went to see Secret Life of Pets 2
-Do well at Celebrate Main in Washington Windy and rain caused us to pack up early.  Sold one, and donated a copy to the nice gentleman who helped me unload the truck!
-Do well at Pride on the Wabash Sold 7:)
-Do well at Corning Irish Festival Sold 0....rain.
-Order copies of Dreamscape and CR Check:)
-Organize more basement Filled one tote
-Do  more work in Green and Brown houses Define 'work'...added a table and sorted boxes, lol!
-Lose 5 lbs (Beginning 238)  6/5:  234:)   6/26:  232:) 
-Keep up with Blog Challenge  Check!
-Keep up with this blog Check!

Ortho Update:
New orthotic inserts arrived June 28th, but wasn't able to pick them up until July 1st.  Have to ease into them, by starting at an hour-90 minutes for a few days, then adding 30 minutes every two days until I can wear them to work (on my feet for at least 3 hours at a time), in order to avoid bruising my arches.  The minute I put them on, I could feel the new arch, and best of all, pain level dropped from a 6/7 to a TWO!  I could feel the back of my heel being 'stretched', so this will definitely take a few weeks to get used to.  I go back to ortho dr August 30th.

Books Read:  3
             Print:  1
         E-Book:  2

Karaoke Songs Added:
                Thurs:  6
                     Sat:  3.  Undecided yet if I will continue to go, with the new KJ.  So sad about not being able to see Mark and Kelly, and hope they get a new gig within driving distance!  Miss my Bottoms peeps!

July Goals:
-Send pkgs to Wa, Indpls, and Tx 7/8:  Put them together!  7/10:  Mailed:)
-Work on Regrets #2 and New Story 7/8:  Wrote nearly 5 handwritten pages:)
-Do well at InConJunction Fri:  Sold 2:)  Sat:  Sold 2:)  Sun: Sold 6:)  Total:  10 books!
-Enjoy my JHS Class Reunion Check!  Sold 10 books Friday night:)
-Do well at Heroes For Kids Ugh...no sales, but 1st year Con, and did hand out a lot of cards, sooo....next year???
-Order copies of Dreamscape (not available yet) and Catered Romance (Check!)
-Organize more basement
-Do more work on Green and Brown Houses
-Lose 5 pounds (beginning weight:  232)

Ortho Goal:
7/1:  Wear 90 mins Check....I'm not limping!
7/2:  Wear 2 hours Check
7/3:  Wear 2.5 hours Check
7/4:  Wear 2.5 hours Check
7/5:  Wear 3 hours Drove in them also; check
7/6:  Wear 4 hours Actually more like 8, but wasn't walking/standing entire time.
7/7:  Wore 3 hours Feet were complaining from previous 'abuse'
7/8:  Wore 4 hours Check; around house
7/9:  Wear 3.5 hours (half shift) Check; went well:)
7/10:  Wear 4 hours (half shift) Wore entire shift; may have to take a break tomorrow.
7/11:  Wear 4.5 hours (one hour plus half shift)  Wore entire shift, and took off shoes during 1/2 hour lunch break.  Then wore them to karaoke!  Total hours:  11 hours
7/12:  Wear 5 hours (two hours plus half shift) Wore entire shift and my arches were aching by closing time!
Weekend:  Break Check:)
7/15:  Wear 6 hours (entire shift) Feet didn't hurt as badly at end, just ached.
7/16:  Wear 6 hours (entire shift) Think I'm finally getting used to them?
7/17:  Wear 8+ hours (trip to E'ville, plus shift, minus an hour for my break) Feet are tired and aching!

Payment Schedule:
June 15-21:  30.5
         22-28:  30.5
July 5th Payday hours:  61
     -Projected income:  $641
          -$64 to church $20 put aside; Pay medical bill ($50 Check!); pay Maurices ($50 Check!); have postcards made ($26 Check!) ($190 total). Bank funds ($451) for InConJunction trip (Car rental $202; hotel $128; food $50; gas $58) ($438 total, leaving $13.)
Banked:  $10+$20 (MHS class reunion sales)-$15 (food)=$15+$22 petty cash=$37+$13=$50-$1(candy bar)=$49+$65 ICJ sales+ $10 private sale=$124-$8 donated=$116-$25 paid to FD for reunion=$91-$20 water bill=$61 banked-$16 books shipped-$13 lunch=$32 banked +$35 paid for singing funeral =$67 banked-$22 pizza for dinner=$45 banked
June 29-July 5:  23
                  6-12:  30.5
July 19th Payday hours:  53.5
     -Projected income: $564
          - $56 to church (Put aside $6); Pay medical bill ($50 Skip this week); pay GSH ($20 Check!); pay Marcus Loan ($120 Check!). Bank as much as possible ($315) for Aug trip, Class reunion trip, and Heroes For Kids trip (CR:  gas $80, food/drinks $95=$175 total; HFK:  car rental $252, gas $40, hotel room, $140, food $40=$647 total)
Banked:  $92 (CR Sales) -$10 (CR cover fee)-$30 (fair expenses)=$52+$150 (donation)-$1 (candy bar)+$297 (left in account)=$498-$2 (candy bar)-$20 (medical bill)-$14 (dinner Wed)-$11 (partial tithe)=$411 for weekend (yes, Math doesn't match, but apparently I've missed something!)+$7 AZ royalty+$50 car deposit
       13-19: 24
           20-26: 24
Aug 2nd Payday hours: 48
     -Projected income:  521
         - $52 (Check!) to church; pay medical bill (E'ville, $50 Check!); pay medical bill ($29); pay Maurices ($50 Check!)  Bank as much as possible ($39)+ $20 1st Friday+SF sales for MOA trip.

Payments Owed:
-InConJunction (July 5-7):  $30+$45 registration fee paid 6/7+ expenses ($120 hotel?  $202 rental car; $57 gas; $50 food) 
-Indy State Fair (Aug 6th-7th $100) ($50 sent 4/26; $50 sent 6/7) Rental car:  $252, gas $60, $2 admission; parking fee; food, $20; rides??
-Minneapolis travel expenses ($512-hotel, $120-food,$120- gas=$752 needed) (Aug)
-Class Reunion expenses-July 19-20 ($80 gas, $95 food/drinks=$175 total, plus $30 fair expenses)
-Heroes For Kids travel expenses-July 26-27 ($252 car rental, $140-hotel, $40 food, $40 gas=$472+$50 car deposit back)
-Indy Author Fair expenses (Sept 13-15):  $200 hotel?  $252 rental car?  Food/gas? (Aug)
-Cil-Con expenses-Sept ($252 car rental, $112 hotel, food, gas)
-Saluki Con expenses-Sept ($252 car rental, $203 ($25 refunded after stay) hotel, food, gas)
-Imaginarium (Oct):  $120+ expenses (Sept)
-ICTAHS:  $155-240+expenses (gas/rental car/food/lodging) (June-July-Oct) ($50 sent 5/10; $50 sent 6/21...now owe $140)
-Rivet Craft Fair:  $45 (July 5th)
List is shrinking!  Nearly all booth fees are paid; all that's left are ICGAHS (Nov), Imaginarium (Oct), Rivet Craft Show (Nov), and WCC Christmas Craft Show (either Nov or Dec)!

July Reading Schedule:
Crisis-Susan Hawach DNF
Tribute-Nora Roberts DRR!!  LOVED this story!!!
Cake Pop Crush-Suzanne Nelson RR Thoroughly enjoyed this YA story!

Money Can't Buy Me Love-Julie Reilly Finally finished it today (7/17)!  Long book, but good ending.  Some of the middle could have been cut, but then again, it told the entire story and wasn't watered down.
Guide to Amazon Reviews-Brian K. Morris Excellent!  DRR!
Hand of God- Tony Acree DNF
Karaoke Songs:
7/4:  Skipping, due to needing sleep and getting up early for trip on 5th.
Independence Day-Martina McBride Nailed it; crowd pleaser!
Next Time I Fall-Peter Cetara/Amy Grant Surprisingly, it went well!
Bad Day-Daniel Powter Nailed it, much to my surprise, and was a crowd pleaser!
Does He Love You-Reba/Linda Sang this with Mel, and nailed it!
Umbrella-Rhianna  Ugh.  Got caught with food in my mouth at the start, and it just went downhill from there.  Even deleted the video.
Blessed-Martina McBride Thought this went fairly well:)
Be Good To Yourself-Journey Nailed it!
Undo It-Carrie Underwood Tripped over my tongue a few times, but not bad!
Uninvited-Alanis Morrisette Nailed it!
Beautiful Goodbye-Amanda Marshall Nailed it, but camera batteries died.

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