Monday, July 8, 2019

Life In Lumber Week #15

Day 81:  Long, Hot Day
Began shift; things were going well.  After a brief lull, traffic picked up.  One customer claimed his fan was on sale, and said he'd go take a picture of it.  Well, he must have gotten sidetracked, because several moments went by and my line began getting longer.  I hopped over to #2, only to discover the customer needed his LAR loaded first, which meant I needed to log into #3 to do so..  Got him rang up, then continued on #2.  Aliscia came down and saved #1's order, then told me to go to LG, to give Marci her break.

I did, and after fifteen minutes, Mikayla arrived to send me to lunch.  I was in LG until 8:30, when we closed down LG, and I went up front to help out.  Things were steady all the way up until 9:10, then locked the doors and helped M load the soda coolers.  Sold Karlie a copy of HLC, then we all clocked out at 9:45.


Gonna try to wear my orthotics during the first half of my shift tomorrow.  Here's hoping the day goes smoothly!

Day 82:  Half Shift in Orthotics
Was slightly late getting to Lumber, but things went well.  Feet began complaining around 5:30, and went to lunch around 6:10.  Swapped out the orthotics for regular insoles and bandage/gauze.  Shift was slower the 2nd half, and managed to get all my closing duties (except for the wiping down counters-no bleach water) by 7, and had a customer order 50 sheets of drywall.  Justin told me it would be impossible, but the customer called Bethany, who told him to do it anyway.  Good shift!

Here's hoping tomorrow goes as smoothly:)

Day 83: Entire Shift in Orthotics
Was in a good mood entire shift.  1st half was smooth, with Rachel giving me a 15 min break.  Ate lunch at McAllisters, then returned for 2nd half.  Got most of my closing duties accomplished, but at 8pm,  the 'crazies' began.  Customer A didn't have enough on his card to cover, but had something called 'cash out'.  We don't honor it, but he was able to transfer the funds to his card, and it worked.  Customer B had a $20 damaged tub, but Mel was in LG, so Steve came down and overrode it and the $15 lamp.  Had to ring up ALL the paint (7 pastel and 10 white) individually, with Darren hitting F-3 for me.  Discovered it only 'took' one, so called Mel down again for an override, but it didn't work.  Had to ring them all up again, and this time it worked.  Guess D wasn't looking at it right???  Customer C had 4 different lengths of lumber, but the 3rd code wouldn't cooperate.  Had to scan the 2nd one twice, then scan the rest again.  Finally, at closing time, a family came in with drywall, lumber, and hardware.  Literally locked the doors behind them after they paid!

Some funny things:  A)  There were several flies buzzing around, and a customer commented.  I said I'd showered that morning, and then it was revealed that Zach showered in the evenings!  So we jokingly 'blamed' him for the flies!  B)  Customer's card was declined for $600 purchase, but he showed me his balance which had over $1400.  I saved his order under my name, and after he'd spoken to the bank, returned.  Still wouldn't when Rachel relieved me for lunch, I gave her my phone # so they could retry it.  When I returned, she said it had finally worked!  C)  At the end of the evening, the final family had a small girl, who presented me with a bag of Doritos 3 times, and each time, Mama said no.  But right before I totaled their order, I heard a string of Spanish, then Mama was holding out the open bag of Doritos!  Child was hungry, and 'no' wasn't going to stop her!

Also discovered we are now under an Earthquake Watch until the 12th, since California was hit with a massive one over the weekend, which put an obvious crack in the topography, so large you can see it from space.  Darren said, "Can you imagine what's going to happen to all that drywall and lumber we have stacked, if one hits?  OOPS!"

Not sure how feet are going to feel tomorrow; may only wear the orthotics the 2nd half, or only the 1st half.  Depends on how everything feels.  Hoping everything goes smooth tomorrow!

Day 84:  Easy Night!
1st half of the shift was steady, then ate lunch between 5:30 and 6pm.  2nd half was slower, and had all my closing duties accomplished by 8pm, save for bags and register tape.  Only had one 'problem' customer....they wanted a grill, but didn't have enough on their card.  Swiped it 3 times before I finally was able to communicate the problem!

Really hoping tomorrow goes as effortlessly!

Day 85:  Jinxed
Again, 1st half of the shift was steady, and a customer even bought me a Snickers:)  Went off to lunch at 5:45, but when I returned, it was steady all the way to closing time.  I did manage to get my soda cooler filled, trash pulled, floor swept, and bags filled, but did not have time to check register tape or clean the counters.

Did see one customer four times; twice for lumber and twice for concrete!  His grandson told me, 'Don't take this the wrong way, but I hope we don't see you again tonight!'

Another customer I saw three times....all for lumber, and he said he had to make around 9 trips total.  As D and I were heading home, we saw a truck lose its load in front of us at Hart St.  We stopped and it turned out to be my 2nd customer.  D helped reload while I directed traffic....then jokingly told the guy 'Didn't think I'd see you again so soon!'  He was grateful we stopped to help!

Customer C came in and ordered 14 bags of 96 pound masonry, and 54 concrete blocks....but his truck dragged the ground.  Jordan pulled half the blocks back, and I don't know if the customer's going to return later or if he'll have them delivered.

Customer D came in with her estimate list, and had the guys pull everything.  She hung out at the lumber desk for about an hour, and was happy when I offered her free water.

At the end of the shift, my arches were aching, and I was soooo happy to be able to take off my shoes when I got home!

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