Monday, July 1, 2019

Life In Lumber: Week #14

Day 77:  Sleep Deprivation Monday
Woke up at 7am; Dad and I left at 8.  I did NOT nap in the car. then came home, unpacked, and was fitted for my orthotics.  I have to ease into wearing them, to avoid arch pain, so wore them for 45 minutes today, and NO LIMPING!

Work was fine; only had a few hiccups, where I had to have Jordan, Darren, or Brendan look up items for me, due to no bar codes.  Forgot to clock back in after lunch, and did so fifteen minutes later.

Managed to get all my closing duties finished, with the exception of changing the register tape in #2 (couldn't get the machine to open all the way) and the soda machine stocked (no one was able to get it pulled).  Hopefully tomorrow goes nice and smooth:)

Day 78:  Weird Day....
Began my shift with a disgruntled customer in my face, griping about the fact he'd had to load all 200 pieces of lumber by himself, and he needed one more 2x4x8..."But there's something on top.  I'll take a knife to the band myself if you don't get someone out there to help me."

I apologized up and down, but he walked away.  Zach ran out to help him, and I asked both Kem and Tyler about him....T didn't know anything, and K said she never told him T would help him.  So who knows?

Things settled down, and I was startled when McKrenda sent me on a 15-minute break.  I didn't question it, just went on my merry way.  After break, a gentleman couldn't locate his credit card, and was looking everywhere but this one pocket.  "It's not in there."

I casually related the story about finding S's diploma in a box where I swore it wasn't.....he finally emptied that pocket, and there it was.  "I don't know how I feel about you right now."

I cheerfully continued ringing him up.  "Just remember you love me."

"I don't know if I'd go that far...."

I thanked him for his service and shook his hand.  "You're all right."

Went to lunch, and a storm hit.  The store emptied out, so was able to get all my closing duties finished.  Needed 2 overrides:  A guy brought down a tool belt which rang up $219.  He claimed it was posted as $139.  I sent Jordan down to confirm it, then called for the O/R.  MK came down, but hesitated, and told me to call Bethany.  B refused to honor it, saying it was for the Behr battery.  Turns out on, that belt is listed as $139, but we don't apparently price-match our website, which makes NO sense, imho!

The second was a water heater marked down due to the box having water damage.  No issues there!

I also charmed a six month old boy, and a basset hound:)

Here's hoping tomorrow goes as smoothly!

Day 79:  Sara's 25th Birthday!
Today was another weird day at work.  Arrived at 2, and 90 minutes later, Reg #1 froze up and we had to reboot the system, then it wouldn't work.  Hopped over to #2, then was asked if I'd be willing to go out to LG for an hour, to relieve Marci.  I said yes.....and nearly melted out there!  At 5, Cassie came out; I took the time for a quick pit stop, then went back down to Lumber, where I found both Rachel and Jill working.  Reg #1 was back up, so hopped on it.

Aggie called and told me to go to lunch; I decided to ring up the next customer first, and it proved to be a problem.  Had to call Mel down to walk me through it.  Texted S and told her I was heading over to McAllisters.  They met me and we ordered, then waited for K and J to show up.  Had to be back by 6:30, then discovered I was needed up front.  So worked Reg #13 the rest of the evening.....and never got my 15 min break, for which I'd brought the final slice of blackberry pie!

Brought it home and ate it while finishing up the laundry.

Discovered I get off at 8pm tomorrow!  Here's hoping it goes smoothly:)

Day 80:  Happy Independence Day!
Was told to report to the front end, and spent my shift up there.  I wonder if ringing up Sara and using my own discount card yesterday raised a red flag?  Who knows... I'll find out next week!  Didn't have any issues, and the day actually passed without any major incidences, other than forgetting to check to see if the invoice # on a fridge matched the receipt!  Saw Hunter Mundy, Peppers, and Mike Tracy.

I'm off tomorrow!  Heading to the InConJunction Convention!

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