Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Stuff

Updated Word Count: 8,021 from the past week. Sorry I've not posted the daily words!

Overslept this morning.

Seriously overslept.

My alarm went off; I hit the snooze as usual. I remember my son's going off. But my third coherent memory was my hubby asking me, "Isn't it Monday?"

"Mmm hmmm." I opened my eyes. 7:53 am! "Oh crap!" We jumped out of bed and woke up the kids! In spite of everything, daughter was only 5 minutes late; oldest son decided to eat breakfast and was 45 minutes late. Toddler was the only one to school on time this morning!

"If your teachers want to call and verify it, tell them to do so," we said as the two older ones went out the door. So far, no one's called...but then again, I have good kids.

That will teach me to go to bed at 11:30!


Walked another 5 miles this morning. There were four of us this morning, and we wandered downtown and window-shopped. Found the adult toy store and laughed about some of the 'goodies'.


I goofed. Dakota's birthday is tomorrow, not today!

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barbara huffert said...

Did you go into the store? Details, Molly. I need details!

jackie said...

So are thinking this "New" store is a good place for future gift ideas?!

Unknown said...

Good going with walking 5 miles. I HAVE TO get back into walking daily.

Unknown said...

8k? Well done

Brynn Paulin said...

I have so had that morning!! Sounds like you got back on track quickly :-)

Phoenix said...

Am home!! Now I have to go say happy to Dakota!