Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Pets Arriving

Currently Reading: The OrphanTrainTrilogy, by Jane Peart. The first one is called Homeward the Seeking Heart. Haven't started it yet. I'll read Brynn's this afternoon:)

Word Count: 935. In little over an hour, my writer's block broke with a vengeance.
9 PM: 1280. Chapter two looks a lot better! Tomorrow, I'll tackle Chapter three...

Sorry Kell...I won't be having cats for a while. We're getting two new pets this afternoon.

Two hints:

One is to be named 'Pinky'. I suggested 'Brain' for the other one, but no.

Okay, how about 'Templeton'?

Have you guessed it yet?

My children, my teens specifically, are buying two pet (shudder) RATS!

Why have I not stopped it?

Because, (sigh) I'm the one who had hamsters when I was 16! And since hubby refused to make a decision, and who can argue with the logic of "you had rodents once..." and "I'll take good care of them; you won't have to feed them, change their bedding, or anything!"

And they do take fairly good care of the dog, so I said yes.

And earned their Mother of the Year appreciation.

I still like the name 'Templeton', although my daughter assures me she's naming hers 'Mikey'.

My fondness for hamsters lasted only a year; we'll see how long this lasts!


Anny Cook said...

Gerbils are also good...

j lynn rogers said...

Hummm Rats I have had a seriously wide variety of pets including allowing my kids to have a snake. So I guess a Rat or two can't be any worse than that can it? Actually, my sister had a pet rat and she loved it, she said her "PINKY" (yes that was her rats name as well) was very loving and fun. Your Kids are terribly responsible. I have NO DOUBT they will take care of them.

Unknown said...

I like goldfish - uncomplicated, quiet and they stay in their bowl 99% of the time.

Molly Daniels said...

I agree, AJ...my pet Beta 'Z' (short for Zen) was the best pet I ever had!

Sandra Cox said...

I like the name Templeton too:)

Jan Scarbrough said...

I had hamsters as a kid, so when MY kids came along, I allowed them to have hamsters too. We not only bought hamsters at the pet store, we MATED hamsters and got 12 babies! The pet store bought 6 of them, and then the cockapoo killed 3, which didn't make him a very popular dog.

Good luck with the rats!

Unknown said...

My daughter in law had a pet rat named "Princess".

They used to live in our garage and you can bet my cats tried very hard to get into that garage to "visit" Princess.

Unknown said...

Oh no no no! I can't have snakes nor hamsters. Snakes give me nightmares and one hamster becomes a million overnight.

Phoenix said...

Keep the cat in mind. You may reaaaally want a way out of your rat infestation.

Unknown said...

I had two rats, named Mutt and Jeff. And I loved them. They were the cleanest rodents I ever owned. They never smelled, they never bit, and they LOVED to cuddle. I miss them so much. My mother made me get rid of them on general purpose of the fact that I had two rats in a cage in my closet hidden from her for six months. When she found them she flipped out.

*Sigh. Mutt and Jeff were good people.

Dakota Rebel