Friday, February 13, 2009

And In Other News...

Currently Reading: Finished Captive Heart last night! Wow...this one had more twists in it than I imagined! Great job, Kelly! Also finished First Patient, and now I'm getting ready to read How to Cure a Cajun Cold by KT Bishop.

The LA Times is reporting a 49-yr-old woman is pregnant with quadruplets. Her IVF doctor? The same one responsible for the octuplets!

He took the eggs of a 29-yr-old donor, impregnated with the woman's husband's sperm, and implanted 7 embryos, of which 4 have survived.

Fertility doctors are outraged.

The woman has said they only wanted one child, not four, and has since denied the doc was involved.

Let's hope she has the support of family and friends too, in order to provide a loving and safe environment!

Moving On...
My signing is tonight:) I have to go pick up my new bookmarks; I had neglected to tell Office Max the new book is NOT part of Arbor U, so she very nicely redid them for me:)

And I got to see my name in lights! Blue Moon has a new message sign, and as I was showing my hubby where the gallery was located, the sign was announcing I would be there on Friday:)

Also on the To-Do list is go print out the excerpt. I really need a new printer...this deal of going to the library and paying 10 cents per page sucks!

Am I superstitious about Friday the 13th? Not at all. History shows it's been rather good to me:

-In 1983, a friend and I were pronounced 'people', and as he was the President of whatever sports club, he began referring to me as his 'First Lady'. On the Friday the 13th, he held open the door for me, walked me to class, and in general treated me like his 'First Lady'. I was thrilled, and we continiued the joke for several years!

-In less memorable years, we've gotten our tax refunds on this date; I've had good writing days; I've been able to spend the day with friends.

The one time I for whatever reason took it to mean that 13 bad things would happen, they did! I decided to quit worrying about the date and relax.

And as my dad pointed out,
-M is the 13th letter of the alphabet, and my initials growing up were MM.
-Our street address was 6313.
-If you add those numbers together, you get 13.
-So why be afraid of 13? We're not moving; we're not changing our names; so why not embrace it as a Lucky Number?

So far it's working!


Gracen Miller said...

Molly, I love how you applied the number 13 to your life. LOL Interesting facts and obvious reason to embrace the number.

Hope you have an awesome Friday the 13th and a very happy Valentine's Day!

Brynn Paulin said...

I'm eagerly awaiting my bookmarks. They were supposed to be here in 2 days. It's been 8. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it! Twists and turns are very good things. That was my very last Kelly Kirch book. Gonna miss that broad.

Regina Carlysle said...

The deal with the woman and her octuplets has me steaming! She is on food stamps, medicare and it's looking like the government is picking up the tab for the hospital stuff. Child protective services in Cali are investigating and checking out the small 3-bedroom house that is wall to wall cribs, toys on the floor and food on the walls. A total mess.

The doctor who did this for this crazy lady should pay the bills, doctor visits, braces and college educations for these 14 children.

Bronwyn Green said...

Good luck at the signing tonight!!