Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday's Stupid Saying

Currently Reading: How to Cure a Cajon Cold, and I forgot to mention that last weekend, S was all wrapped up in Twilight. I'd bought the book for her, but wanted to read it first. She caught me reading it before Christmas and turned up her nose at it. So I kept it! So what sparked her interest in the book? A classmate told her he'd pay her $20 to read it. She's now $20 richer...and wanted to read the next one, New Moon. She borrowed it from a friend, and finished reading it last night after returning from the party. I'm going to be reading it next!

And yes, Dakota...your vamps are more interesting, but I can see the appeal to the younger crowd! This series 'sets them up' for your vampire romances! Just my humble opinion here...I didn't even think I'd like vamp romances until I read yours!

This was actually yesterday's...I posted the wrong one! Enjoy:)

From: Oregon Knife Shop
Sent: Feb 6, 2007
Subject: Say I love you with a knife....and free shipping.
Valentine's Day Knife Sale

actual sales email

Remember the TV Show Married With Children? They celebrated Christmas on Dec. 26th; the Fifth of July; Halloween on Nov 1st...

We're doing the Bundy Valentine's Day this year.

Why? Everyone scattered yesterday and did their own thing. S went to a birthday party; K spent the night at a friend's house; D decided yesterday would be an excellent day to clean the basement!

I tried to make the cake, but I discovered S had used the icing last week. And since I was in no mood to go to the store, I decided to hold off until everyone was home.

Today, we're going to church and out to lunch. Then after a quick trip to the store and a visit to the MIL, I'll make the Valentine's Day cake for the kids! And next week? A trip to our favorite hour away!

As soon as my tulips open completely, I'll post a pic of them.

Have a great day, and let me know how YOUR Valentine's Day went!


Sandra Cox said...

Enjoy your day. I'm sure the cake will be delicious! Send us a cyber piece:)

barbara huffert said...

The heck with cyber pieces! I want a real one.