Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy Friday!

First of all, congrats to Cindy Spencer Pape on her release of Stone and Fire! I thoroughly enjoyed the first of her gargoyle series, and am looking forward to Stone and Sea later this month.

Secondly, we're getting ready to make a trip north tomorrow. It seems our swing set, climbing tower, lawn tractor and accessories, and our canoe has worn out their welcome in a former neighbor's yard, and we need to move them to our storage unit. Why has it taken us 2 1/2 years to move it? Everytime we make plans to go up there, either their trailer has a flat tire, or they have plans, or something falls through on our end, such as the case of the forgotten-to-reserve U-Haul a few months back.

But to preserve the friendship, we're finally comitting to make the trip, no matter what! We can't move the stuff down here, yet, because we're doing this with one van. But the kids are staying behind (I think), so we can bring down at least as much as we can. I think even the canoe is coming down here, to be suspended from our storage unit's ceiling.

And when I go back up for the Hazelwood Fish Fry at the end of June, I'll swing by and grab another load. But the tractor will have to wait until we can a) borrow the neighbor's trailer or b) afford the U-Haul. Yeah, I know, they're only $20. But right now, even that's an expense we can't afford at the moment.

Maybe when Kenzie gets her first royalty check???

It rained last night, and my asthma's acting up again. Drives the spouse crazy to hear me hack all the time, but there's only so much Robitussin I can ingest, and I'm only allowed so many puffs on the inhaler. Time for more cough drops...

Tonight's the going-away party for A. We're convening at 6pm, and enjoying pizza, tacos, and B's yummy homemade chocolate chip cookies:) It's BYOB, as A's only eighteen, and since I've decided to hold onto my bottle of wine until the 19th, I'll be taking a container of sweet tea. Yes, I animal here. The memory of that huge margarita on my birthday will just have to tide me over tonight, unless T or J happen to share with me???

Have a safe and happy weekend, and don't forget to call your moms on Sunday, or do something nice for them!

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