Thursday, May 7, 2009

Foggy Thursday

Currently Reading: Still reading Salem Falls. I'm loving it!

Woke up to fog, and the fact my kids are on a two-hour delay. W is supposed to be spending the day at the park, riding horses. Since the spouse isn't back yet, I'm assuming the picnic is still on, and he's helping out. I hope he returns for me; I want to get some pictures like I did last year!

Had another one of those weird dreams; did I tell you about the water park one? No? Tuesday morning, I'd woken up, dreaming the kids and I were in line to ride a new water slide. But the weird part was, a) we were in regular clothes, not bathing suits; b) K was the age he is now (17) while S was six or seven. She and I were going down the tame one, and I had just finished telling K that we would wait for him at the exit ramp, since our line would be shorter; and c) I woke up just as we would be the next ones on the slide.

This morning's dream was centered around a chat loop. There hasn't been a great deal of participation on the Novel Sisterhood lately, and since I've read a few Siren-BookStrand books, I decided to pop in on their author chat day and keep them company. Ended up spending nearly the entire day online yesterday! And so last night, in the dream, I was asking witty questions and getting witty answers. I remember a few of the questions, and since they'll be back the first week of June, I'll pop in again and ask them! Maybe some lurkers might even join in.

Today's To-Do List:
-Was informed K is down to his last pair of socks, so need to do a load of whites. Also, the nighttime potty-training continues...W was damp, not soaked, so need to was the blankets he slept on. He's sleeping on the couch, with a Hefty trash bag protecting the cushions, and a blanket covering it. Night #3 went well, and he got up this morning and did the rest of his business in the appropriate room.

-I'm attending a farewell party for the sister of one of our Laptop Society members tomorrow, and want to get the picture developed of all of us at Applebee's last January. Spouse may protest, but it's one picture...not the entire memory card! Although, I would like to get the entire memory card on CD at least, so if something happens to the computer, I will still have the pictures! Memory card is full, but I can still put pictures on the camera's hard drive.

-I've contacted the university about being paid for the signing; the person who cut the check for me last year is looking into it, and I should know something by the end of the day. It's not a lot, but it would pay for the above CD, one e-book, and a pizza tomorrow night! Yeah...currently I'm working for fast food...I'm tired of cooking:)


Unknown said...

I hope you get the money owed you soon. Pizza sounds delicious.

anny cook said...

Pizza sounds good!

Regina Carlysle said...

Yummmmm. Can't remember the last time I had pizza.