Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kenzie's Been Interviewed!

Currently Reading: Finished Marriage Proposal by Kelly Kirch and COULD. NOT. STOP. LAUGHING! There's a running joke all the way through the book that will keep you in stitches! Fasten your seat belt; I nearly fell out of the chair several times! Definitely a Recommended Read, and a fine end to this trilogy! Today, I'm rewarding myself with Kaenar Langford's Something Naughty This Way Comes. And Friday, time to buy another round of e-books. I'll have to check to see what's up next. I think Ms Pape's Stone and Sea is coming up...

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Had a fantastic day yesterday, and woke up this morning to the discovery a few books had already been sold. THANK YOU if you're one of them:) If you're holding out for the drawing, that's okay too. Winner will be announced Friday morning. How to enter? Leave a comment here or at Kenzie's Place, or even the above interview, and I'll put all names in the hat and draw one lucky winner.

Even better news?
My good friend Travis has finally gotten a release date for his horror Anthology of the Living Dead, due out August 1st! I'm planning to interview him in a week or so...if I can get him to cooperate:)

He and I seem to be in synch, creatively speaking. Every time I have good news to report, things in his world go smoothly as well:) Okay....waiting for my next contract now...

What am I doing today while Kenzie is floating on Cloud 9?
-Scrubbing down my kitchen cabinets. They're looking grungy.
-Phone consultation concerning promo and website issues:)


Regina Carlysle said...

Just left you a comment!

Anonymous said...

Hey hon! Thanks for posting the recommended read. I went over to your interview and left a comment. :)

I actually read here more often than I post. Hope your release week is going well!