Monday, May 4, 2009

Insane Debate

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See Reg? Told you I'd get around to your books soon!

Saw on the news this morning that Target and Forever 21 are offering plus-sized clothing for teens. Good news, right? Now our not-so-little darlings can have cool, hip clothing like their stick-thin friends!

Some are applauding the decision; others are slamming it.


"We're caving in and saying to our kids, 'It's okay to shop in the fat section...' We should be focusing on teaching kids about diet and nutrition, and get the parents to stop feeding their kids sodas, fried foods, and unhealthy snacks!"

The other view didn't disagree with that, but pointed out that while the kids are making eating adjustments, they still need the clothes in order to boost their self-esteem. And the interviewer pointed out that yes, she remembered a classmate who couldn't fit into the 'cool' clothes, and was ridiculed for her attire, thus perpetuating her low body image and therefore, she continued to gain weight.

I thnk the decision is a good one. I have a kid who has inherited the larger bone structure and outweighs me by nearly 60 lbs, and is three inches taller. She wears plus-size jeans, and gets her t-shirts out of the Men's section at Kohls and the occasional tee from Hot Topic. Yes, she is slightly addicted to Ramen Noodles, but once I discovered she was eating two packages at a time (four years ago), I stopped buying them. I cook healthy meals, as I have a diabetic spouse, so we're all on the diabetic diet:)

But we also live in town, and she often walks to the gas station with her friends for candy bars, ice cream, slurpies, or chips, which are infrequently found in our pantry. I've even stopped buying cookies, as the cost of food rises, and I'd rather buy ingredients for cooking than relying on the pre-packaged stuff.

And I was thrilled when I walked into a local boutique in order to find an updated look for my booksigning, and discovered plus-sized pants! (I'm a junior-size on top, but plus-size from the waist down.) As soon as I can afford another mini-shopping spree, I'm going back for a few pairs of summer Capris:)

And yes, I definitely need to start exercising again. I wore my black dress jeans to church yesterday and had to lie down on the bed to get them fastened!

So does the fact I'm suddenly shopping in the plus-size department make me think it's okay to stop watching what I eat? No. I'm happy with the way I look; all I want to do is drop a size or two. Or, come July, camouflage it well!

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Anny Cook said...

Lack of comfortable, pretty clothing just makes sure that you turn into a hermit. It doesn't make you skinny.