Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Recap

After a delicious Mexican lunch (don't laugh at me Reg!), I came home and watched two episodes of the Muppet Show's first season; went to the grocery store; took a nap; washed a load of colors so K could have clean shorts for today. I fixed chicken cordon bleu for dinner, but K did the rest of the meal. He and his dad cleaned up the kitchen.

Today, I need to go price promo items. I need to see how much Office Max is going to charge for cover flats; CD covers; and change the 'Coming Soon' text on my bookmarks to 'Available Now'. I also want to go to the bakery and see about the cost of a cake with the cover design on it, or at least something similar.

I'm still fighting fatigue and coughing spells; I told Travis this would be a good time to schedule another blog interview, as I like the way my voice sounds! But according to my mother, I sound as if there is static; my voice cracks, or breaks up. Neither husky or sexy...told you I need a voice stand-in!

I'm also about to piss off the family and spend more time on the chat loops. I've been away for several months during the editing process, and tried not to get swamped with email. But since it's time to get the word out, I need to re-establish my relationships. Some I've kept up; others I've let fall away.

Yesterday's Indy 500 Qualifiers:

Finishing Row 4:
12. Raphael Matos (2) 223.429

Row 5:
13. Paul Tracy (15) 223.111
14. Vitor Meira (14) 223.054
15. Justin Wilson (18) 222.903

Row 6:
16. Hideki Mutoh (27) 222.805
17. Ed Carpenter (20) 222.780
18. Dan Wheldon (4) 222.777

Row 7:
19. AJ Foyt IV (41) 222.586
20. Scott Sharp (16) 222.162
21. Sarah Fisher (67) 222.082

Row 8:
22. Davey Hamilton (44) 221.956

Which means...If Sarah Fisher survives the 'bunping' next weekend, I'll have a clear shot of her car on Race Day!

Have a good day; this is also a big week for W...he 'graduates' on Wednesday, and is still doing well with the nighttime potty-training! He was dry all weekend, but damp this morning. We're thinking of getting him some sort of trundle bed, and setting it up in either our bedroom or in front of his toy area, once he gets consistant.


Regina Carlysle said...

Awww Mexican sounds good right now. This diet business sucks canal water! I'd even go for some "fake" Mexican food...snicker.

Good luck finding the promo stuff. I'm in the process of doing that too. Just ordered Rack Cards but I've kept them generic. Less expensive than changing things every time I have a new release.

Mia Watts said...

Mexican does indeed sound good.

Sandra Cox said...

Hope you get rested and get rid of that cough.