Thursday, October 22, 2009

Body Modifications (Don't Read If You're Squeamish!)

Currently Reading: Finished The Treasures of Venice by Loucinda McGary. I was surprised; I hadn't been particularly interested by the premise (Romantic Suspense usually isn't my first choice), but as one who never turns down free books, I decided to read the first chapter. And had problems putting it down! A sample of her next book, The Wild Sight was added to the back, and I was intrigued. Going to have to add this one to my TBB list, as well as other books by Robin Kaye and Judi Fennell.

Linked, by Barb Huffert: I started reading it yesterday, when I hit a personal writing goal, and if the phone hadn't rang, I'd have read the entire thing! I'm on chapter 3, and I'm not touching it unless I accomplish another goal first:) Barb can really reel you into a story!

Word Count: 500 yesterday! She's made her decision; now to act on it.

There's been several reports on the local morning news over tattoo parlors/body piercings. This morning's report nearly made me throw up and clutch my back in utter horror.

Rest assured, I am not against anything one chooses to do to their own body. I have friends who have multiple tatts, even piercings other than the ears. I have a strong desire to avoid physical pain, so the thought of willingly injecting or putting unnecessary holes in my skin makes me question people's sanity at times. (I did get my ears pierced at age 14, and tried to get them double-pierced five years later, but after multiple infections, I allowed the second set to close.)

The first report I saw was on tongue-splitting. Why this guy chose to do this is beyond me; however, my 17-yr-old thought it was cool, because "He can do tongue tricks with both side of his tongue, independently!" Thankfully, he's also respecting his mother's revulsion of the 'body modification' and won't mention it again.

Today's report was on suspension. (Forgive me while my back flinches!) This procedure involves piercing the skin with hooks, allowing a person to 'fly', or be suspended like a piece of meat. Supposedly, endorphins are released, giving the person a 'high'. (Squeamish author is rubbing back. This mental picture is NOT for the faint of heart!)

There are two sides of the issue. One, why would anyone DO this to themselves? For attention? To make themselves 'feel good'? I have a friend who got her first tatt the other day, thinking maybe it would boost her confidence in herself. I can think of better things to do, but this is her choice, and no, she did not ask me before she had it done. Her boyfriend loves it, so I'm hoping she doesn't regret it later. She's also reportedly getting a piercing somewhere, so again, I'm just hoping it's something that doesn't make me flinch whenever I look at her. Some people might say it's a form of self-mutilation; those who pierce or ink themeselves do so because of low self-esteem or to 'fit in', or a severe cry for help. Yes, with shows like LA Ink, tatts are popular. But do kids think about the prejudices in the work place? Another friend had trouble getting employment recently because of his neck and hands covered with tattoos. He finally found work in a music shop. Will corporate America hire someone with 'Sexy' on their neck, eyebrow, nose, and lip piercings, and their knuckles spelling out 'Lover'?

On the opposite side of the coin, there's the freedom of expression. The guy in the report sees his body as a blank canvas, and sees no problem with how he wants to decorate his body, or display his choice of artwork.

It used to be that only sailors or the military inked their body. Now suddenly it's hard to find someone who doesn't have any tattoos. The first Survivor episode, I think only one or two castaways had tattoos. Now it's rare not to see any. And that was only nine years ago.

My mom doesn't have pierced ears. She wouldn't let my sis and I get ours pierced until age twelve. I told my daughter twelve, but we'd negotiate at age ten. Now she's fifteen and still has no desire to wear jewelry, other than a necklace or bracelet. This may change over the next few years, and since she's inherited my dislike for needles, I'm hoping she doesn't choose to decorate her skin.

The he'll be interesting to watch as he grows up with 'body modifications' becoming increasingly popular.


Amber Skyze said...

I'm with you. I have no desire to have tatts or piercings. I do have my ears pierced, but that was since 12yrs old. I couldn't even attempt a second hole.

Molly Daniels said...

I discovered my nickel allergy; I can't even wear 'hypo-allergenic' posts. The studs in the second holes were 'H-A' and were so badly infected, I said to hell with it and took them out.

I dated one guy with a tatt, and my husband is against any tatts or even piercings on men. I shudder what he would do if any of the kids get tatts as adults.

My 'other daughter' Sam has her nose pierced; she did it first with a safety pin, and her mom took her to the appropriate place. I can't hardly stand it when I get a zit near my nose!

And when my stepdaughter got her tatts...hubby was furious. She kept it a secret for two years before he saw them. Personally, I don't like tatts on women, unless they can't be seen. I know that defeats the purpose, but I don't want to see it when I'm at the pool with my kids.

anny cook said...

I have reservations about too much of anything. Excess is rarely in good taste.