Thursday, October 29, 2009

Missing Photo Found:)

This pesky photo disappeared twice yesterday; the first time as I was trying to move them around before I added the text; the second time as I was nearly finished. We had just scored our one and only TD. Had we won, we would have taken on the team which beat us at Homecoming, a team against which, up until three years ago, we had been undefeated for over fifty years. Fortunately, my next football player won't get to high school until 2019.

Family News:

Spouse is still on the job; he reports back on Monday. Rain has delayed the job the rest of this week. Good news for the Halloween Candy Cauldron; bad news for the Trick-or-Treaters. Yes, we'll have more candy than originally feared; however, the kids will be limited to only one piece instead of a two or more.

K received his SAT scores; 1550. Considering my own were in the 1300-1400 range, I'm impressed. But then again, he was healthy; I was sneezing my head off.

S is back in school; she was diagnosed with and upper respitory infection, not H1N1. Word of caution: Have you seen the swab they do for the flu? It's not pretty. They take a long Q-tip and stick it up your nose. S said it brought tears to her eyes, and as I watched it disappear into her nostril, I was very thankful it wasn't ME getting it!

W is learning to read some words! And he is looking forward to wearing his new Spiderman costume at school tomorrow for the Costume Parade.

I'm still waiting for my 1st royalty check AND word of acceptance/rejection of Teacher's Pet. Hopes of having another release before Christmas is looking dim. So maybe next spring??

October Reading Schedule:

You've probably scratched your heads over what the hell happened to my October Reading Schedule. Finances were tough this year, and thanks to a few generous authors and a small amount of the spouse's paycheck, I've had to modify it slightly. I'm currently reading (still) Linked by Barbara Huffert. Following that, the list reads:

-Recipe For Disaster-Ashley Ladd

-Elfin Blood-Gracen Miller

-Blood Line-Rie McGaha

-Spanish Topaz-Regina Carlysle

-Burn-Anne Rainey

On Monday, Nov 2nd, this list may still be the same. K has been doing a massive English Term Paper, and has been taking over the computer each night after dinner. And since the neighbors put a password on their Wi-Fi, and didn't see the need to share it with us (lol!), we can no longer access our 'free' internet on the laptop. And I've tried three times to re-install WORD on the thing; it's not cooperating. So when I don't have access to the computer, I write in longhand.

Word Count: Typed up the 300 words yesterday, and edited as I typed. And I'm nowhere near the halfway point in Ch 7. Funny how four handwritten pages only translates into a page and a half typed, lol:)

Off to get dressed, do a few chores, and watch last night's episode of Law and Order:SVU before firing up the creativity again.


Anny Cook said...

Just be glad you're not using a standard typewriter... every time you make a revision, the entire document from that point has to be re-typed!

Kenzie Michaels said...

Thank god for technology:)

Amber Skyze said...

Oh I remember those days, Anny! As for the Q-Tip, my youngest had to have the test. She's like this baby owes me big time for suffering with the test. Her doctor wouldn't have done it if I weren't pregnant. Ooops, sorry! :)

Ashley Ladd said...

I had the other college test. I got 26 out of 30 or 32 which wasn't bad. My friend got a 29. I don't get it. My friend hasn't used her college education or somehow couldn't. She's doing housekeeping. I don't know how the SAT scores stack up.

Hope your son's better soon.

I got a lot of editing done last night but no fresh writing. Nothing on either front today.

Linda Kage said...

Congrats on finding that sneaky/hiding picture. And thanks for all the updates.