Friday, October 2, 2009

Strange Happenings....

Currently Reading: Pot of Gold by Judith Michael. I wasn't all that cracked up about Sleeping Beauty, but did enjoy the ending. And it's another classic example of where I got my 'head hopping' habit.

Word Count: One sentance. I know; pitiful. But I have an excuse; just keep reading:)

Heard on the news this morning a bizarre occurance. It seems a man drank hand sanitzer, urinated on an emergency worker as he was being loaded into the ambulance, and is now possibly facing charges of 'Battery with Bodily Waste', a Class D felony. Wonder if this applies to excess vomit?? Hey; it could happen!

Listening to the 'Nineties At Nine', and so far I've heard:
'Hit Me Baby One More Time'
'Mambo #5'
'All Star'
'Last Kiss' (Pearl Jam's version)
'You Steal My Sunshine'
'Genie In A Bottle'

Did you know Cher is the oldest female artist to have a #1 single? She also has the longest time span between #1 hits: 'I Got You Babe', in 1964 (I think???) and 'Believe' in 1999.

Busy Weekend
It's Homecoming in our small town! Means the teens get released at 1:30; the parade is at 3:45. After picking up the youngest, we'll go stake out our seats in front of our favorite ice cream parlor, indulge in a snack, and then prepare to take pics of my football player on the float. We'll also be helping the youngest collect the candy (mostly Tootsie Rolls) thrown by every group or public figure in the parade.

Tonight, my dad (and maybe Mom, if she's up to the trip!) will be joining us for pizza before the game. K did NOT end up on the Court, but he knows several who are, and we're all looking forward to seeing who will be crowned Queen. Hopefully the game will be a good one, and K will get some field time again. I'll post the pics either tomorrow or next week.

Saturday, my 'other daughter' is having her baby shower. She already 'knows' it's a boy, and hope the final trimester isn't too hard on her. She's due Christmas Day, and yes, I've already been teased about being called Grandma.

Plus, R&S arrived safely Wednesday night and the four of us traveled out of town to a German restaurant. Delicious! I had a hard time staying out of the bread basket, but held myself to only four slices throughout the meal. And the spouse very nicely bought me a Toblerone candy bar. Plus, I found a magnet which sums up exactly the past 19 years: Living With A German Builds Character! (If you knew my married name, you'd understand!)

R&S will also be joining us for the game tonight; no word on whether or not S will sit with us at the parade, since R will be in it with his classmates as they celebrate their 30 year reunion!

Don't know if I'll get any writing accomplished; it just depends on the 'downtime' and if I'm fighting the kids for computer time.

Have a great weekend!

PS: Mom just called. She's packing her suitcase and she and Dad will be here in time for the parade! The kids will be so thrilled:)

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