Monday, October 5, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Currently Reading: Runaway Jury by John Grisham. This is the last of my 50 cent paperbacks. E-book: Linked by Barbara Huffert. Yeah, it's not at the top of the reading list, but sometimes my friends lovingly send their books to me when I'm financially strapped. Thanks Barb! I'll reward myself after I write a few hundred or so words:)

Word Count over the weekend: Zero. Took a 'mini-vacation'. Going back to work this afternoon:)

K and his girlfriend

The football team; K was on the other side, but here you can see part of his head, lol!

Homecoming Candidates: Alexia and Taylor (football player)

Brooke (Head Cheerleader) and Kyle

Maycee and Caleb (football player)

Casey and JP (football player)

Baileigh and ZP. Baileigh also won the title of Homecoming Queen.

The senior float, 'Riding to Victory on our Big Green Tractor'. K thought his idea was better, but to close to last year's.

Our mascot, the Alice. We dubbed it the Green Grimace or Green Mr. Peanut!

We did lead in the second quarter, but lost 28-7. The point spread is shrinking!

No, K did not get to play. Grandparents enjoyed seeing him, and we had a wonderful weekend with R&S who left yesterday.
Doing laundry, posting pics on Facebook, and making sure all my documents are backed up. For whatever reason, my MS WORD wigged out and wouldn't let me copy/paste onto a new document. I had to send the entire ms to my publisher, instead of chapters 4 and beyond. And during the process, both documents were 'damaged', but 'recovered' by Word. I had to go through and see which ones were bad and which copies were okay. I think I've got them properly deleted and re-named; now to go through my discs and make sure the original is saved. If not, time to make another copy!
Was also watching the news. I'm sure you've heard of the David Letterman Attempted Blackmail Scheme? Turns out one of the staffers he had sex with in the '90's was also the live-in girlfriend of the producer who did the blackmailing (she moved out last month). And they interviewed his lawyer, who said a) what blackmailer in his right mind would accept a check, and b) There is no motive.
I'm no expert, but I'm guessing a) he found out his girlfriend had slept with Letterman and was upset/angry/jealous?? and b) Maybe he thought since he and Letterman both worked for CBS, he could pass it off as legit, and not have to worry about the '$2 million in small, unmarked bills' in the briefcase/sack/whatever??
That's my take, anyway.
Also on the news, there's a new 'body sculpting' procedure: They take fat from one part of your body (butt, thighs, tummy) and put it somewhere else (breasts). Hmmm...I'm sure if I dig into past diaries I could find that idea...too bad I never went to med school! Remember when they discovered silicone implants had problems? My thought at the time was, 'why can't someone find a way to take the fat from her ass and put it in her boobs?'
Apparently someone had the same idea. Problem is, the woman who had the procedure should have waited a few more weeks before going on camera. The scars and discoloration still make her 44-yr-old tummy look old, imho. I stopped wearing a bikini the year before I got pregnant. Don't see myself 'bikini ready' any more in this lifetime!


Ashley Ladd said...

I love all the pictures of your family and homecoming. I'm hoping next year my youngest will get to play football.

Tonight, we're heading off to the ball field for my daughter's games. She has her own team first and will be subbing for another team after that.

I've got great news! My younger daughter (the softball player) finally decided to go to college and start next month if we can get the financial aid in order in time. She's decided to do web design. Now I'll have a computer tech and a web designer in the family. If I can convince one of the others to be a doctor or a lawyer, we'll really be sitting pretty. :)

barbara huffert said...

A book is a very small thank you for your kindnesses since we met.

Yay for K's team! Soon they're going to win one.

Anonymous said...

That IS good news Ashley! Hope you find the maximum amount of aid for her:)

Barb, I'm touched by your thoughtfulness as well. Hugs to you and 'the kids'!


Carol said...

I think it's great how the town supports homecoming. The fans of our high school here are huge supporter, but we are out in the country and don't have any place to have a parade like that. But, we are ranked #3 in the state for our class, at least we were last week. I haven't seen the rankings yet this week.

Amber Skyze said...

Love the pictures and how they do a parade for homecoming.
Bikini? Geez I haven't seen one of the them in 20+ yrs. :)

Molly Daniels said...

I've never seen such a turnout for a HS Homecoming. University, yes. I guess our small town needs another excuse to party, lol!