Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Converstation With A Character

B focused on the conversation. But the fact he was sitting at the exact table where he'd been with Natalie two days prior caused his insides to churn. Only afterwards, as he followed the client to the vacant building did he allow his mind to drift. What is she doing? Would she hang on to his number or delete it? Would she stay at the hospital or take the new job offer? Did she wake up this morning, disappointed he wasn't beside her, or did she return to her life as if nothing happened? Whoa...what did he care, anyway? Stacia was waiting for him as soon as his meeting was over.

Helloooo...I hate to burst your creative bubble, but you've made me sound like a wimpy-assed, insecure female! I'm very secure in my position, and I would NOT be obsessing over whether or not she kept my phone number!

Sorry B...that bit of inner dialogue sounded okay when I wrote it. But if you don't like it, I'll edit it out.

See that you do. I keep my life in tidy compartments, thankyouverymuch!

Even if N rocked your world, and you want to see her again?

What would rock my world would be for me to wake up to find her naked in my bed again. Or better yet, put me on a plane to Boise so I could knock some sense into that asshole of an ex-boyfriend of hers, and drag her back here. We'd join the Mile High Club on the way back. Can you write that in?

Sorry; you making a trip out there isn't in the works.

But you're the damn author! Aren't you supposed to write down what I tell you? I want to join the Mile High Club!

Maybe the Epilogue?

If that's the best you can get offline and go fix my words. Austin and Brent are laughing at me. I tried to play golf with them, but they offered to have their wives feed me ice cream instead. A guy can only take so much from his friends.

Just out of curiosity, what would your thoughts be like the day after?

I'm the consumate professional. I do my job, I blow off some steam with my lover....okay, I realize you have to have us break up....I like how you've managed that, by the way. And if Nat calls, she calls. I will not call her. I will successfully put her out of my mind until I hear her voice, and only then will I realize I'm missing her. But to constantly think of her? Nah...that's something you women do. You daydream about us, and live for the moment when you see us again. Guys, we don't care until we actually see you or talk to you.

Okay; thanks for bringing this to my attention. Seems I need to work on my male POV.

You need to listen to your male friends more. Bounce more ideas off your husband. Now there's a real man, even if some of his attitudes could use a rewrite.

Thank you B. Comment noted. Going back to work.


Ashley Ladd said...

LOL. Loved the interview. The hero still seems like quite a talker for a guy. My sons would shrug their shoulders and say, "I dunno." Or say, "Huh?", "I guess", or "No", and "Yeah."

Linda Kage said...

B sounds like such a guy. I like him.

Curious, I had to interrupt my hubby while he was simultaneously watching COPS on TV, reading his 4-wheeler magazine and eating trail mix. "Do you ever constantly think of me?" After a moment, he answered, "Yeah." Another minute later, he added, "Actually, I do... (then another pause) sometimes."

B.B. Walter said...

Think you're on the track with him, chica! Love reading this tidbit.

P.S. Finally got you, Kenzie, Trav, Bron and others direct links on my blog. Done some rearranging, too, you should tiptoe through my new stuff I've added :)